281 Under[sea] Pressure - Rasple ZS

282 Fluttershy Befriends a Periphylla Periphylla - Nevillucy

283 Day 17 (burning) - david schlott

Done on 3ds and got some feedback with the hooves. Looks a little better.
284 Dashlift - Runbow Dash

285 We're all gonna die! - Kelzae

286 Work Through The Day - Guephrën

Bit Macintosh I'm sure has one heavy weight to pull, taking care of the majority of the Apple family and, of course, working at the farm. Still I think he is very happy with his life.
287 Flame on! - aj_joe

First time I decide to do the free interpretation of the theme (the feeling the heat part), because I wanted an excuse to draw Super Saiyan/Rapidash Twilight Sparkle. I know there probably will be a bunch of drawings with this idea, but that is part of the fun XD
288 Moving - Ishkie

I moved to a new house today, I felt like this was fitting.
289 Lack of Knowledge - Valkyrie-Girl

Aurora feels like she must know everything. Corona knows her sister doesn't know everything so the pressure is really self inflicted.
290 Deep Sea Derpin' - DashAttack

Under pressure AND feeling the heat! And it's Derpy no less! So many things can go wrong that she won't be sure about!
291 She Wasn't Prepared For This - Jack Dodd

I'm starting to feel the pressure myself
292 Feelin' the Heat - Daley Doodle

293 Daring Doo in the Lava Pit - easeldoodle

"Hot, hot, HOT!" (Drawn on my iPhone using the DrawCast app.)
294 Under Pressure, Feeling the Heat - Frith

It's supposed to be a filly Princess Celestia, right before she got a hang on this sun-raising thing. Like Twilight trying to hatch that egg, or teleport three ponies and a dragon all at once. Watch out! Here comes Sol!
295 DEADLINE - ABronyAccount

296 Pressure... Pushin' Down on Me - Cool_Blues

What happens almost each night with this NATG. -_- But I still make it! ^_^
297 What is this? - Atlur

298 undah presha! do do do dododo do. do do do dododo do. - Wesley

Um ba ba be Um ba ba be De day da Ee day da
299 EQD-ATG Day 17: Pony Feeling the Heat - Char the Dragon

Rainbow Dash feels the heat... of a cake with too many candles.
300 Daring Do Feeling the Heat - ACanOfTuna

Daring Do - "Should of stayed home today"
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