301 (A) Workdays Relief - srk-ares

302 - Terry Love-Lee

drawn during socal meetup
303 NATG day 17 - Lord Bababa

I haven't had much time lately (hence why my images are usually sketches and why I haven't submitted every day) but also I've been under so much pressure that I've otherwise never felt before that I don't really know what to do. I just drew my pony persona OC thing and just jotted down several things that would pop up into my mind around it. It's late and I don't really know what I'm doing :/
304 Pressure from Tom - Aethel-Wulf

Bum-rushed art is bum-rushed. >-> Well, did this in about 4 minutes with no references...kind of happy how it turned out when considering that. Still looked bad though. XD
305 Determined - Artsy-Fartsie

306 EQD ATG 2012 Day 17: Pony Under Pressure/Heat - Andrew Beran

This is how I've been lately; busy with work and unable to draw ponies! :( I'm getting better, but I still have a ways to go.
307 Feeling the Heat? - SadisticSage

Derpy is fire retardant. Who knew?
308 That Big Dumb Meanie - Nedemai

309 Colgate and the Pressure Machine - Tradley

Will Colgate be able to take the pressure off her? Or will the machine succeed in squishing her into actual toothpaste? (Made with Anime Studio 8)
310 Unfortunate pony moving a piano - Syn_Prototyper

Uninspired title, I know. Still in a rut, so still nothing really special for tonight. I think I'm burning out already, but I'll keep churning something out, even if they come up being terrible (that being the case with the last four entries xD).
311 - TapeDiggity

312 Day 17 - DiscordedHarmony

313 "Pony feeling the heat" - Dave10772

Snoring Seas may be a water-based pony, but that doesn't mean she can't enjoy sleeping near the open fire. It will be quite a surprise when she wakes up!
314 We See The Same Sun - FoxOfWar

Inspired by Mr. President's album 'We See The Same Sun'... and then I got the mental image of Rarity dancing to it. In full 90's fashion sense, of course.
315 Boxed In - Arcovia

316 Feeling The Heat - ColoredSpice

How's my drawing? Feedback appreciated!
317 Avaunt! - Winter Falcon

I remembered the prompt as "beating the heat" as opposed to "feeling the heat," but I liked how this turned out and it fits well enough, so...
318 EQD ATG II : Day 17: Bladder Pressure - Timothy Tung

Day 17: Draw a pony under pressure, Draw a pony feeling the heat! Text for those of you who can't read: a) My horrid handwriting, and b) past my camera's terrible quality Rarity! Yes, Twilight? You've been in there for 30 minutes! Going to a Fair yesterday, this was a scene at one of the bathroom lines. So I drew that :3
319 CRAP - Ingratate

Shit, I took my time to play a PC game and now I'm rushing to get this pic in.
320 Caboose Cracks under the Pressure - Renee Elsesser

He just can't handle it...
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