321 Feeling The New School Year Burn - Strickerx5

Solar doesn't feel the heat of homework, he makes the homework feel the its own heat. (if that makes any sense XD)
322 Rainbow in the Dark colored - vonbon strangle

Princess luna and rainbow dash talking and sharig feeling on a date that goes wrong in the forest. She is under pressure to make this date right and i ran out of time to color and draw a new one so i win.
323 Day Seventeen - EricaC78

Super shitty last minute drawing.
324 Room Service - Leafgrowth

325 Under a Ton of Pressure - Fluffy

Once I saw under pressure in the prompt, I had to draw something to do with water. Didn't take long to arrive to this conclusion!
326 Doctor Whooves and Derpy on an Adventure - vonbon strangle

Under pressure to complete the mission and save the world. And again needed to be colored.
327 - fourmguyd

328 Prepare to meet thy God - PoniesPerMinute

An EOD pony walks the lonely walk. Emulation of: http://www.arrse.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=51077&d=1316696941
329 Heat - OSRainStorm

330 A Hot Session - Cudle

Ugh. Sorry for the quality this time. I didn't have time to do a proper drawing. Well, a more proper drawing, that is... Also, if you guys need to know any of the backstory, don't forget to click the picture's link! I'm sure the other far more talented artists would appreciate any friendly comments!
331 Pressure - Macchiato Jolt

Wave after never-ending wave of relentless robots, hellbent on dropping a bomb into a Moon Co. mineshaft, and the only ones in their way are six amazing ponies. Failure will be certain death... No pressure.
332 SPICY! - Littlecolt

I am sure almost EVERYBODY at least THOUGHT of this scene. I, on the other hand, am lame enough to draw it! Pinkie, Rainbows aren't known for their flavor. Unless they're Rainbow Dash. She has flavor for days. (Swag)
333 Fire - PropertyOfPinkiePie

He likes the heat of the flame. Note to self, let ink dry before erasing.
334 Meanwhile, in an alternate universe... - 8-Bit64

Well I've certainly challenged myself in my 17th day ever drawing ponies. I'm starting the bad habit of not giving myself enough time with these, and putting myself under massive time constraint. So I decided to get meta this evening... I've discovered more things I need to get better with. Figuring out the mechanics of the legs is stressing me out, and I've had to reference several sitting Lyra pictures. I'll be sure to look at some type of guide or tutorial for sure now... Drawing the faces of stallions is tough for me to get just right for some reason too. So I guess I'll be drawing them for now until I improve.
335 Shining Armor beats the heat - ZeldaTheSwordsman

We've all done this.
336 Pinkie and Twilight beat the heat! - Kurk44

They were "feeling the heat" get it? I think Celestia WANTED to see twilight in the pool...you know...since she controls the sun...Yeah...it's too late, I should shut up ._.
337 This will end in tears - Philith

338 Cooking with Derpy - Daniel S Gibson

I wonder if pinkie pie will notice that derpy came over to bake today?
339 Vinyl Scorch - Broken Logic

"I'm not sure if it's the packed room, filled to the brim with zealous dancers, the couple of scotches warming my stomach, the long night of arduous DJing, or if it's just the feel of your eyes that's burning me up." Vinyl looks like she could use a drink. Maybe you should buy her one *nudge nudge*
340 Melty like chocolate - BatteryBiscuits

uahh.. so hot.. (No worries he's not dying, he just hates the blazing heat and humidity on long terms, lets say i tried to make some sort of effect with the heat making your vision hazy but im not sure if it worked in this case. but yeah, i hate summer, i just want winter back xP )
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