361 A cheesy situation. - The Mad Mike

Don't look at me, don't ask questions. I don't know how I came up with this. I know it's a bit cheezy though.
362 Moon Burn - Gemini Shadows

So, here we have Woona tanning on the surface of the Moon. Though it may seem like it would always be cool, the surface of the Moon can actually reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which means Woona is probably pretty toasty right now. She doesn't seem to mind the temperature at all, though.
363 Not a Good Party Spot - shardsofblue

364 Screw Thermodynamics - Thattagen

There's nothing like college to make you feel like an idiot. Twi encounters a really hard problem. She's gonna be TARDY! (Socks and Pocky included~)
365 Too Hot for Twilight - Kirbyflea

Please comment, say what you like, or what you do not like, and say what you have done to help you learn to do better. I am not used to doing facial expressions other then smiling. please comment. I can learn from you all!!!
366 Laurence of Arabia - Admin_In_Disguise

Based on the real-world British Army officer, T. E. Lawrence, Laurence is the what-if scenario in the MLP Universe. The name was changed to Laurence in homage due to its similarity to the creator of MLP: FiM, Lauren Faust. It sure does seem hot out! Hope ya'll enjoy! :D
367 Lyra under pressure... - Laurynas

... literally...
368 Pinkie pie under pressure - Motaro

Gods Im embarrased. This one has the cutiemark x.x
369 A pressing matter - Greywander

370 I'M LATE DANG IT - Ryan

So, I kind of forgot about this until after the fact. This is me burning my pencil, paper, and pieces of the table in trying to draw fast enough to make it. unfortunately, it was still not fast enough....
371 Some Like It Hot - SevooHypreD

Derpy put the pressure on and felt the heat XD
372 The Burns Means It's Working - Alexstrazsa

Some good old fashioned elbow grease.
373 Clock is ticking, twilight - Clair Luree

374 AHHH!! APPLEJACK!! is under pressure - Sam

Again fail spelling of "preasure"!!Well at least I can title it spelt correctly. I do my drawings in this 1A8 book so the pages are really thin and creases get left in the pages + crappy scanner. Anyhoof, It went well.. The face seems abit squished to me and the snout is wrong. I always used to find the nose the hardest.. I guess those days are comming back to haunt me..
375 Sign this - vap

it has ponies pressure and bananos
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