41 In The Summertime - MediocreAtBest93

42 Desert Peril - TwinQuasars

"Just stay with me... we'll get through this... I hope..."
43 Summer Sisters - Kewpa

44 Feel the burn - Paddy Grunsell

The (diamond) dog days of summer
45 Dat Celestial Sun - Ethanlikesmuffins

What to do when pegasi can't deliver a nice weather? Well, Princess Luna knows how to improvise, and it seems that Twilight Sparkle wants to join in too!
46 Linkerman under pressure feeling the heat - Linkerman

Literally what the title says.
47 Fire Pressure - Hewison

48 - ThunderManiac

Preforming in front of millions of ponies is a lot of pressure.
49 Pressure - Derpy Herpgineer

50 Soldier of Equestria - Gregory Steinke

First time drawing in this style. Picture of original character Phalanx in the not-as-shiny Equestria guard armor.
51 Sad Luna - Jamwarden

I honestly don't know what is the story behind the picture, I just figured that Luna could be the type of pony that under too much (negative) pressure could fly away crying to seek solitude in the forest.
52 Which CORD Spike, WHICH CORD?!!? - Rhyme Flow (aka MC Flowny)

(Copied from the DA page...) I'm pretty sure I'll see more than one submission on this vein. But then again, nothing really brings the pressure than a good ol' fashion bomb disarming. Oh let's be positive and say it's a 'Party Bomb'. Confetti and stuff comes out. POOR SPIKE.
53 Feeling the Heat...Literally - ThunderShock

54 Burning Sun - John Wheel

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Also, Derpy is the cutest thing in the world.
55 Pinkie Pie and Rapidash Twilight - Sarah

Pinkie Pie is really getting the "Heat" from "Rapidash" Twilight!
56 Leap of faith - moto250x

first ever attempt at drawing so i hope it turned out alright
57 Pinkie Pie annoying Rainbow Dash - James Tosh

A recreation of a scene from one of the earlier episodes, but with Rainbow Dash getting frustrated rather than laughing at PP.
58 - Wolframclaws

59 P-21 (Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons Fan Art) - Brendan Kearney

60 With the power to..MELT! - Goopsy

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