61 Day 17 - Sam

Under pressure? Feeling the heat? Between the tickets piling up, the server screaming at you, something burning, something else flying from your hand, the new girl dropping a pile of plates, and the constant beeping of that DAMNED OVEN, I KNOW, I WILL GET TO YOU IN A SECOND; all in a nice big chef coat soaking in the nice 102 degree temperature... All in a typical day's work for your average cook. ...why did it have to be a cooking cutie mark?
62 Diving Belle - Apotheosic

What? No, that's not some lame water pressure pun, she's on a mission to save the president's daughter. It's very stressful for her. Diving belle is a pun though. Because old-timey diving suits are called diving bells. And her name is Belle. No really, I promise, it's funny.
63 Derpy on deck chair - Pio21

64 Pinkie Pie Can Do Anything - Sue

Pinkie Pie's literally "under" pressure.
65 It's Hot - CuriousPony

Drawn quickly and uploaded without the usual touch-ups I do, such as rounding corners, making ends of lines taper off, etc. It's bad, but I really don't care. I know I'm supposed to be doing this event to improve, but right now I just don't feel like doing that.
66 Hot. HOT! HOT!!! - TheXIIILightning

First attempt at drawing a Dragon... Meh, could have been worse. :P
67 Enjoy some Mugi-Cha - Airtower

When I was studying in Japan, cold 麦茶 (mugi-cha, barley tea) was the local summer drink of choice. The bitter taste might take some getting used to, but it’s wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.
68 Heating Up: Lobster Style - Milquetoast

69 Deadlines everywhere - ogihb

70 What a world, What a World... - Stellarina

Poor Plumsweet!(she's a pony from the toy line) I've felt like this down here in TX lately- good thing its rainy today!
71 Daring meets Deadline - Hangin' From A Cloud

Daring Do's most fiercest foe yet: DEADLINE!
72 Pinkie Feeling The Heat - UnlicensedBrony

73 Under Pressure - Daniel Vitko

David Bowie and Freddie Mercury XD
74 Another All-Nighter - Muffinshire

75 Cherilee applies Pressure - Formam

That pressure that we all feel when school comes around...
76 Feelin Pressure - Jibsy

Get it? A pony under pressure? Water pressure? See what I did- Oh never mind.
77 - Harmony

I originally drew this on the 7th, and at the time when I drew this, I was "feeling the heat". It was also inspired by a 3DG song, "Wake Up", and I kind of messed up the lyrics, the original being "I'm not the man I was before".
78 Pure Perfectly Pressurized Pony Pals - Kira

Perhaps the perplexing puzzle of pressurized ponies has probably played possum... Or something.
79 Metamorphosis - Forward Bias

Heat? Check. Pressure? Definitely. A pony who just doesn't know what went wrong? Rock solid!
80 Appleoosa Heat - Mercury Rising

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