121 Can i come out now? - eXe2001

122 Scootaloo's big day - Willy Galleta

It is always hard to reach your dreams, but working with dedication towards your goal while growing up will make them come true.
123 It's a hot day - Olivia Nystrom

I was trying to go for a really bright, hot, sunny day here, but I don't really think it worked. If you know anything about shading, I'd appreciate it if you'd give me some advice.
124 So much pressure! - Shelltoon

Keeping Nimby's secret is proving to be too much for Novice Pony to handle.
125 Summer Heat - Doug Dziamba

And her drink is just out of reach...
126 Stallionn VS Machine - The Skullivan

Her entire team is dead. The robot horde is coming. She's only got a half-upgraded level 1 sentry and a Sentry Buster is hot on her hooves. Yeah, I'd say Applejack's feeling the pressure.
127 Panic Rarity - The Storm117

Why does everyone like this one so much???
128 Rock And A Hard Place - Geradex Acondari

129 Big Mac Under Pressure - charzymon

*Resubmitted (First one didn't have a cutie mark, at least it wasn't the tail this time)
130 Absol's Pressure - th8827

One of Absol's possible abilities is Pressure, which makes the opponent use 2 PP for each attack, instead of 1.
131 The sun's revenge - Yoshimon1

Luna: "SISTER! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TOUCHING MY GAMES?!"; Celestia: "What are you talking about, dearest sister?" --- That sun isn't supposed to follow you for the whole game, is it? --- Something quick today. I took my Pinkie sprite from day 9, turned it into Luna and added some official backgrounds. --- This picture is inspired by Gamer Luna and a gif of Luna playing this level (which I can't find right now...) --- 1 hour --- Made in Paint.NET. Link to used backgrounds available on dA
132 Rainbow Dash Pointillism - Wotato

Told you I'd be back! I'll try to make up for as many days I missed as possible, but I can't promise anything!
133 Twilight Under Pressure - Linkman

Pinkie put Twilight under Pressure.
134 TARDY! - Septil Sparkson

I have no comment........
135 A Solar Burden - Gilly Bean

136 Rarity the gem - Phillip Ramey

Under extreme heat and pressure, rarity became what you see here
137 Deadline - Horselover90

138 Pressure: 150 bar - Fadri

139 But I can't decide! TT.TT - Rachael

140 PINKIE! - Yokogumo

I don't know what you did to make Twilight so mad Pinkie, but I'd run if I were you.
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