141 A wall of Fire - TheMunkis

He's burninating the countryside
142 - Garnet

143 Sauna - dredaich

144 Daring Do and pit of invisible spikes - Lomeo

It's quite stressful, because you can't be sure where the pit ends and how big are the spikes. THE HORROR.
145 In His Hoofes - Tobibrocki

Todays entry is another quick one I'm afraid. I shaded it directly on the paper with a grey pen I ordered a few days ago. It was the perfect opportunity to test it. :)
146 A Heated Solution - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

This is the third in a series. Find the first here: http://kuroitsubasatenshi.deviantart.com/art/Aug-NATG2012-Day-15-Puzzling-Puzzle-321646053
147 fireshy - Soulnar

148 Under Pressure...Get It? - Frostspear

Yeah...I've got nothing, so have this obvious pun! I estimate that approximately seventeen percent of the other entries will feature a similar joke, but oh well!
149 Clock is Ticking - Timidus

Seeing as it's winter here I'm not really feeling the heat. I am however definitely feeling the pressure to come up with new ideas and get them drawn in time. Figured it was about time I drew my pony OC.
150 Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear - Ted S

Pony under pressure; pony feeling the heat. There's a pony in there somewhere, I'm pretty sure of it... First submission yay!
151 Bucking Cicadas - Pawkun

"The sound of Cicadas coupled with summer heat is the most annoying thing in Equestria. Also quite distracting from arting." Technically, this is me as a pony. However, it's not my OC. Cause my friend came up with the design.
152 NATG Day 17: 'Heat' - Kinrah

Equestria is having a heatwave.
153 Twilights nightmare - Stardustchild01

This could be Twilight's worst nightmare. Sorry. One drawing for today. There was a festival downtown so I went there. And when I cam back I was so tired I just could finish one. Although I had at least two planned. Oh well.... I'll leave that second idea for some other time.
154 Feeling the Heat - AniRichie

Yes, poor Rarity out in the desert being pressured with a tough choice on holding herself back from murdering Pinkie Pie. Though it's her fault for suggesting they keep their spirits up heading home. She just chose the wrong pony to get cheered up since Pinkie has a TON of songs to sing. XD Also, if you don't know the beauty of HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA, get the **** out of that rock you're under! Like most people who start their day with a cup of coffee, I start the day watching that video EVERY DAY!!!
155 Octavia under pressure - Death-of-all

Octavia is feeling the pressure of moving up in the musical circles. Luckily Vinyl is there to give her a well needed hug.
156 Please Never Leave - socksthewarrior

My OC pressuring hugs on Derpy.
157 Just hanging around. - Stratosfire

158 The Pony Torch - Flippy

Ponified Human Torch. :D
159 Sandcastle and Shovels - HollowZero

G1 Sandcastle and Shovels at the beach.
160 5 Minute doodle - John Elliott

5 minute picture. Been out all day. Had fun. Night.
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