161 Lesson Zeroed - Quillery

Deleted Scene from Lesson Zero
162 Leap of faith - F4celess

Intel seem to take Trackmania quite seriously, every long jump is a leap of faith for her.
163 Blockbuster under pressure (You see what I did there?) - David C. Benson

164 Heatman Prevails! - Calder Brown

I didn't feel like ponifying Heatman.
165 Daring Do and the Pressure Cooker Peril - Yamahawk

Will Daring Do make it in time to rescue the young doctor, or will the pressure be too much for her? Will Ahuizotl get away with his schemes, or will his goose be cooked? Will Doc Hawk keep cool while trapped, or will he feel the heat? Will I ever stop making ridiculous puns, or am I doomed to pose ponies in precisely pondered predicaments? Find out in the latest volume of Daring Do!
166 There's An Octopus Behind You - MMK

Hydrostatic pressure should do.
167 Signature Move: Fox Fire - Xain Russell

168 Feeling the heat - Kristaline

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch in a raveā€¦ All this dance makes Octavia sweating ;)
169 Panicked - Moley

Lazy submission, or aristic choice? Noooooobodyyy will evverrrr knowwww!!! [/implied ghostly wail]
170 TF2 Sudden Death - Tsukurina

But in reality, everyone is actually killing a bunch of machines. Not each other.

172 Phoe and Seapony Lyra - Hawkeye92

My serious attempt for today, under pressure can be diving. It's a bit of a shame even with contrast on max I need to use my pencil like a chisel for it to pick it up. A pain for me with no photo correction skills and specialization in soft tones. Fun facts: Phoe depicted here has a distinct lack of diving gear and from the cylinder size is probably diving with only a pony bottle. Don't try this at home kids- you won't have a console to see how deep you are or how much air you have and you'll run dry fast! Second fun fact, you've got to have a wetsuit diving at all times- I've seen someone get closer to hypothermia after diving for an hour in a warm swimming pool with nothing but trunks and T-shirt than diving for an hour in close to freezing water in (thick) wetsuits.
173 What do you mean, 5 minutes left in the exam?! - johnpaulgeorgeringo6

Only 5 minutes left in the exam?!!
174 Applejack vs. Trash Compactor - Anomilyone

175 Its always something - Kuyon

While taking her final exam which can not be rescheduled the changelings decide its time for round 2. Also why is there only 30 minutes to take a final exam. Poor Twilight Sparkle she can't seem to catch a break. (the black things in the windows are supposed to be changelings attacking Canterlot.
176 Diving pony - hawkeye92

This was drawn a few days ago with the expectation of a suitable theme coming up. This is a diving slate which is to be attached to an arm or leg whilst diving to take notes. I drew this in ten minutes sat at the bottom of the dive pool in a local swimming pool in scuba gear. I would have done it in the sea but I'm having issues with my gear at the moment and I won't have it sorted by the end of the month :-(
177 Heat on Repeat - ultireaper

178 Feel the Burn - T-3000

I'm just like Lyra in this picture
179 ATG - Sturs

It doesn't get much more "under pressure" than working on your ATG entry in the dead of night in the burning heat while Tiny Phoe is yelling at you. Oh god I'm melting and tired and please Phoe just let me go I haven't had food in three days
180 Pinkie under Pressure - Dash-o-Salt

"Hmm, did I leave the oven on?"
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