1 day 20 - transformation - unoservix

2 Doctor Whooves: Gambit of the Changelings, Twilight concept art - Slizergiy

Concept art of Twilight for the upcoming episode of my comic series "The Sieges of Mr Burns"
3 Celestia Used Transform - Arctic Lux

Uninspired and a little creepy... so I added a tie.
4 Amethyst Dawn is Turned Into a Mermare - Rebecca

5 Pegasus Applebloom - Christian Bravo

Definitely didn't think of Ask-TheCrusaders when I did this, but what the hay. Enjoy!
6 Lazers to Love! - LessThanNormal

Target sighted! Setting lazers to "Love"!
7 Day 20: Trixie as an Earth pony - Kristen

Not my best work. Honestly, I'm too tired and annoyed to care right now.
8 Likely becoming an alicorn - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: Things she'd likely forgetting. She can fly, she can teleport, she can finally escape Griffyndia and the biggest problem with being an alicorn and not having the mind of one is in fact self control. She definitely swapped species, but her mind didn't change and now she's going to drown in banana's, It's okay because she's immortal now and has a stomach larger then a normal pony could ever hope to comprehend and given that she was naturally a ground bound pony...
9 Pinkie Pie: More than Meets the Eye - Llil

10 Rain Flood - RFpones

Raindrops infected by the Flood. I feel horrible for doing this.
11 Phenomenal Cosmic Power - Norque

12 Princess Pinkamena and Earth Pony Celestia??? - Richard

Princess Celestia and Pinkie have another round of shenaganians.
13 Spikle and Twike - Conchelor

Poor Spike, even as a pony, he still has to work for Twilight >.<
14 A slight mix-up. - Abs

A spell that goes wrong leaves Twilight a little flighty and Rainbow Dash working her magic.
15 rainbow dash alicorn sleeping - malcolm cann

16 - Tinker

17 Hazzdawg and Spadesaroo - Hazzdawg

Because no British bulldog worth his salt would even consider starting his day without a nice piping hot cup of tea... My treacherous brain was starting to note similarities between pony anatomy, and canine and macropodine anatomy, so I thought I'd better nip that right in the bud.
18 Queen Pinkylis - Runbow Dash

19 Transforming - Sallin

20 Earth Applejack - GooseandDuck

Applejack in our world.
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