201 The Incredible Spike - VonDare

It's never really a good idea to mess around with reptile DNA. Unless you're an adorable baby dragon, then you can go wild.
202 Save Me From The Dark - Lorin D.

The amount of erase marks on this one is really aggravating, but the end result was worth it. Credit to my friend for coming up with the text. Something I had sitting around, my muse was low for this one.

204 Trixie's Gender Transformation - Natmeister

That's what happens when you mess with mysterious ancient relics, Trixie!
205 Rabbitshy - Darastrix

EQD NATG Day 20 Enjoy.
206 Afflicted - Stellarina

Looks like our pal Gilda the Griffon got infected with a case of "The Lame," as she would put it. So many things that popped in my head, but this is what I drew because I sure do not have a lot of endurance tonight to draw anything amazing. v_v;
207 She's Also Part Bookworm - Shoeunit

208 Twilight Sparkle Kitten - Teddybear4545454

Uh... Meow?
209 Silly Kitty Chrysalis - HollowZero

Our favorite transforming pony being silly and stretching like a cat.
210 Your Lyra Hearstings is evolving... - Sean M. Swindon

What's this? Lyra becoming human? What sorcery is this? :3 Got the idea in my head when I got home from work. Kinda wishing I went with my first idea, but I wanted to try my hand at doing something with a canon character. And thus, this.
211 Gilda the... Earth Pony? - Tokyo-Oranges

212 - Dan S.

i kinda rushed this and had no ideas for today's theme
213 Earth Pony Fluttershy - Dr. Eadpool

I'm sure that she would be a ok as an earth pony, or a tree.
214 Nothing stops her - Kuyon

Original idea was to do a swap of rarity becoming an earth pony and applejack becoming a unicorn but I settled on this. Why is she a unicorn... I don't know maybe one of twilight's experiments gone off? It is just temporary but that isn't going to stop applejack even if she is not as strong as she normally is. She doesn't need that fancy high falluting magic to get her work done.
215 Fluttershy...SEA PONY MODE! - TheSapient

Yeah, transforming would've been cooler, but...
216 Twilight's spell - Eder

Not sure if it fit the subject
217 Princess Applejack - hawkeye92

The most overlooked pony is now a princess. Seems legit...
218 Fleur-gasus - Ryuuou

Normally I don't have sketched lines in this. But it turns out that Fleur is a shade of perfect white. Which makes highlighting a tad difficult.
219 Suprise, Pinkie Pie! - Aoshi Stark

220 Alicorn Derpy - Ishkie

Not feeling much like drawing today, so this isn't as good as it could have been.
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