241 Unicorn Bon Bon - Chaos15

Again something simple. I played "The Last Stroy the whole night and barely got any sleep. So I wasn't conscious for most of the day, so I didn't have time to draw or was able to come up with a better idea.
242 Twilight's Spell Goes Horribly Wrong - CuriousPony

243 Evolution - Strickerx5

As if Solar didn't have enough swag to begin with.
244 Ponified Annabelle -- No Longer a Pony!...For Now - Alexander Johnson

What? You all knew that Annabelle wasn’t really a pony to begin with, didn’t you? Well, Fluttershy didn’t apparently and is very curious.
245 Princess Pinkie Pie insists you smile smile smile! - BronyZ

For EqD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds Day 20 - a pony with her species switched. Since EqD promised lots of alicorns, I figured why not Princess Pinkie Pie. Admittedly, I needed a reference to get her face just so. Her little widow's peak is also not conducive to having a horn. Now smile! Your princess demands it!
246 EQD ATG Day20 - PaladinDrakkenwolf - PaladinDrakkenwolf

Princess Sparkle
247 Yeehaw! - Japanese Teeth

I guess those wings are on loan from RD or something.
248 The Phone is Ringing - Macchiato Jolt

The phone! We'll be right there~!
249 Pink-A-Buu! - MasterofRoku

Pinkie Pie is transforming into a Majin! I think we're all bucked now.
250 The Equine-Dragon Genome Experiment - Xanderreh

WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE! Also that's a Rathian btw. (Monster Hunter)
251 Applecorn - Wesley

harvest might be much easier with fancy power
252 Terrance transformation - Robopengwin

Tried something a bit new to me, digital art!!! Tell me what you think. Should I do more with the digital art or keep doing it just with paper and pencil?
253 Tanooki Twi - ETech

Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D Land are both amazing games and you have probably played them before but still you need to go play both of them right now. At the same time, even. Lucked out on the coloring with this one (heh, heh). The lack of cutie mark is intentional as part of the disguise (none of the other statue ponies on the show have them, after all... at least, not since the last time I checked, which was admittedly never). Plus Twi's is really, really annoying to draw.
254 EQD-ATG Day 20: Swapped Species Pony - Char the Dragon

Rainbow Dash as an earth pony and a unicorn.
255 Princess... Derpy? - Septil Sparkson

Not very original, but here it is anyways :3 Derpy as an alicorn princess!
256 - BLAHBLAH682

257 Transformation - Devon

258 LYRA'S GIANT ARM - Blahdahblah

259 Allpony - Timothy K.

All must merge... Allpony is best pony...
260 Swapped lives - Nova Spark

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