301 Steven Magnet, you so Fabulous - Quillery

Now who's the fabulous one?
302 The Great and Powerful Trixie as domesticated feline! - Mister Twister

I think there was a glitch in the system. Was it because the system SUCKS?
303 Speedy Meets The Doctor - Redenaz

I love the Doctor's pony version...but it was still a little embarassing when I realized some of the similarities between him and Speedy. I mean, the tie was inevitable, but together with the color similarities...It wasn't until I was inking this that I realized I had given Speedy a timepiece for a cutie mark. Dagnabbit! At least the Doctor's not a pegasus!
304 Fireblade - Auryn

Fireblade, an OC of mine recently turned pony. Must be tough.
305 Alicorn derpies? You got it! - Clair Luree

306 Drama Dragon Queen - Scrawling Violet

Using color pencils today; also, I've been convinced to make myself a smidgen more public, so now I'm submitting with links to my DA and stuff!
307 Flutter Dash - Natry

There's so many stories where Rainbow Dash loses her wings and bemoans the fact that she can't fly, yet the solution is obvious: butterfly wings!
308 Earth Pony Celestia - Entropy

Just a quick scribble.
309 Transform Into the Legend - Invidlord

You get that whole pure, righteous fury going for you, and then something awful happens... and well... Night's mane was already kinda Saiyan-ish... But now... Super Saiyan Flurry.... terrifying!
310 Startled Ghost - Jezendar

Valkyrie-Girl's changeling OC, Ghost, is startled when Rainbow Dash literally drops out of the sky in front of her. The timid changeling promptly tries to scare away the aggressive pony by changing into the scariest thing she can think of. Which, at that moment, happens to be the very pony that just scared her.
311 "Transforming Pony" - Dave10772

I'm sorry, I had to. Dashie as a oh-so-awesome transformer.
312 - fourmguyd

313 Twilight sparkle as a fish - Piko

Magic mishap leads to mackerel mayhem; more manic mare moments at 8:00..
314 - Terry Love-Lee

Dragonlight Sparkle. Fluttershy the unicorn
315 Cryptozoology is magic - Wolferahm

316 Twilight Seapony - Beepin

I've been drawing every day since the event began, check out my other stuff! http://beepin.deviantart.com/
317 Journey to the end of Equestra - GoggleSparks

318 Angel of Music - Draco Icarus

As a musician myself, I felt this was necessary. I can't believe I hadn't drawn Octavia yet.
319 Princess Badass Dash - Willy Galleta

She'll be faster with a horn to break the sound barrier.
320 My Little Muffin Snake - GoggleSparks

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