321 Fly-By - Cool_Blues

Felt awkward not drawing in a horn, but turned out pretty well. ... ironic how I was listening to Rio music while drawing.
322 Preparing for a Diplomatic Mission - Slim Shadow

323 Transformation Spell - roboticorn

Knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as I saw the prompt. This is only the beginning! I suspect I'm not the only one who transformed him either.
324 They will love us - Aethel-Wulf

Princess Luna just starting to change into Nightmare Moon, which is noticeable only on the eye. Well, I spent more time on this one then the previous three, and I am not happy with the proportions...and I honestly can't think of anything else to add, even though I feel that I should. The fatigue is getting to me. D: (probably have to click on it for full view)
325 Party Hydra - Dash-o-Salt

Party Hydra might be TOO MUCH party for the other ponies. :)
326 NATG Day 20 sketch - Copper

Does Spike count as a pony? Well, he does now.
327 Pinkie Pie Meets Pinkie Pie - Jaanai Ballesteros

328 Fluttershy and Gilda Switched - Kurk44

I feel like..I should be drawing more interesting pictures....But for now have some Pony/Griffon madness!
329 Red Hot with... Bashfulness? - Cudle

Yeah, another late, late drawing. I promise to do better next time!
330 Not the Sea Pony you're looking for - Alex

Here's one of my two drawings for today. Just because you say "Sea Pony" doesn't mean you'll always get what you want...
331 What is that? - Alex

Here's the other of my two drawings for today. Human to pony. Maybe Human!Lyra wants it that way?
332 Snakity - Andy

This is bad and let's never speak of this again.
333 The Sacrifices of Luna's Royal Guard - 8-Bit64

My 20th day drawing a pony ever... and might I say this one came out much darker than how I was envisioning it... This is how I think Luna's Guards come to be, since there are only three official types of ponies, none of which are like Luna's Guard ponies in the Nightmare Night episode. So I just assume it's a special form assumed through the use of powerful magic. My thought just so happened to coincide with tonight's theme, so I had an excuse to flesh this one out from my twisted brain onto paper... I even gave myself more time... I did this in 4 hours... The coloring was a son of a parasprite with all the dark, solid colors, I'll tell you that much... These all look so much better pre-colored, but oh well... I've got to wait until I devise a new method for coloring... How did I do? Email me at 8bit64@gmail.com. I'd love some feedback...
334 Rarity's Transformation - Guephrën

Here you have! A Rarity transformation that I think is quite fitting. I should probably put more though into this later on, right now I'm out of time, hope you like it.
335 Tranformin' Time! - Arcovia

A cookie to anyone who knows what Applejack's been transformed into!
336 EQD ATG 2012 Day 20: Altered/Transforming Pony - Andrew Beran

Her royal muffin-ness, Princess Derpy! I think I need to either half the body thickness, or have it taper a bit more towards the rear.
337 The Type of Changeling Every Pony Should Know - Spark Burst

338 I am so original - DiscordedHarmony

339 Behold, My True Form! - Thattagen

Another attempt at a comic. I knew exactly what I wanted to draw, but, since I have an 11-hour drive to look forward to tomorrow, I wasn't able to do more than a sketch! Oh well, better get to sleep!
340 Transformers: ponies in disguise! - Heir of Rick

Pinkie didn’t really have a whole lot of toys growing up on a rock farm. But she’d always make do with what she had.
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