341 Some Mare... Beneath the Sea! - Croswynd

Don't know what you meant by switching species, but this counts, right? She's a totally different species of pony! Also, Gummy tagged along.
342 Seems Legit - Kat

Wow, they switched species! This is what I think Celestia would look like un-princessed. I did not copy so any resemblance is purely coincidental! That goes for Princess Twilight too!
343 Leisure Time V:Cloud Drifter-Type U - CL.Drifter/One. Zenny

So Cloud was talking to his protege and he asked:"How is it like being a unicorn?" ...And it came with very unexpected results. -Drifter n' Zenny
344 Henshin a go-go, Baby! - Delta Pangaea

For a transforming pony, there is NO OTHER CHOICE.
345 Werewolf Dashie - Kelzae

Bacon is great.
346 The Switch - cloudninja

Lyra get's "hand like wings" and Derpy gets magic; what could go wrong? We're doomed.
347 Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice - Mark Elling

Part 1
348 Day Twenty - EricaC78

349 Leopard Griffin - Fetchbeer

350 Dibbun Rangler Fluttershy - Rasple ZS

Nursemaid Fluttershy (mouse), only one who can stop Scootaloo (hare babe), Sweetie Belle (hedgehog babe), and Applebloom (otter babe) from running rampant in Redwall.
351 Pin the Tail on the Pony - Phil Coast

352 Transponies, Ponies in the sky! - BatteryBiscuits

My my carbon, this is embarassing for me to be back at my initial form, such a waste of transformation! (Not as spectacular as the title unfortunately but carbon transformed in pony and pony transformed back in birth looks slime, twas a simple one in general, college stuff is honestly killing me x_x )
353 Switched - AniRichie

354 Abandon All Hope - Nyrx

Day 20, and a species swap it is. Things.. could've turned out better.. uhh.. let's never speak of this again.
355 Valance Freed - Maddog10_20

Due to an unfortunate accident, the Pegasi Valance was deprived of flight for an extended period of time. Thankfully, a resident Everfree which doctor was able to help her out, but only after a great deal of pain. Growing back feathers hurts! She is shown here breaking through the bandages that covered her wings during the healing process.
356 A Little Awesome - Littlecolt

Twi-Spike species swap! What were you even trying to do in the first place, Twilight??
357 Pinkie Piedra - Hawklaser

They are all supposed to be part of the same Hydra. This one suffered a bit due to not enough time and too much ambition.
358 Shoe on the Other Hoof - Solitair

Inkwell and Rose Madder "volunteered" to be the subjects of today's drawing, and now Inkwell's relishing in the chance to push around his sister for once. Of course, he'll change his tune once he realizes that he still needs glasses and there aren't many pairs in his new size, but I'll let him have this moment for now.
359 A Crime Against Fabulosity - easeldoodle

I transformed Rarity into one of my cartoon characters. I... I don't think she likes her new form very much. -OnO;- Also, dresses are HARD! -=_=-
360 Purple √únicorn Cult - ABronyAccount

Is it any wonder that my mind's on fire?
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