361 DeathKnight Fluttershy - Forger

Even in death you must serve...
362 Suddenly RD is a Unicorn - Heartsvenom

363 Miscalculation - Darastrix

EQD NATG Day 20 Yeah.... so I went there. It's not the greatest but I tried. And I am surprised I did two entries for this one. Enjoy?
364 Dexter's Laborapony - Leafgrowth

365 FlutterDash - ZeldaTheSwordsman

I had planned on something else, something epic, but got too distracted to have it done in time.
366 Derpy Hooves is Best Buffalo - FrostMusic

Best. Buffalo.
367 Everfree Expedition: Day 21 - Wryte

Feral Changelings are the worst.
368 Sweetie Belle Pegasus Style - Timidus

369 Free-Transforming a Photoshop Pony - Syn_Prototyper

Bah, still grasping for straws on making a bad pun out of the prompts, but I still would've liked to have colored the pony. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!
370 - Sham Faker

Poison Joke - One of the least understood species of flora in the entirety of Equestria
371 Corona Transformed - Valkyrie-Girl

I think somehow this covers both halves of the prompt.
372 Monarchy - Zoarvek

This better be... JUICY!
373 Twilight as a Pegasus...kinda - Samuel Drill

Did what I could in the under an hour I had
374 Flutter Dragon - Daniel S Gibson

Flutter Dragon is best dragon. (It was fun trying to remember what the dragons looked like and combining them with Fluttershy . The only thing that bugs me about this one is I should have made the mouth line go back a little bit more, but otherwise I’m very happy with this picture.)
375 Vinyls earthy beats - Mr.MachRay

376 Equestria isn't Ready for This - ClockworkDetective

Really sorry that this is just a sketch. It took me a lot longer than I thought. But, the cleaned up version will be done shortly. Just follow the link in the description at the source. Anyway, at the mention of alicorn Derpy, my mind jumped to alicorn Pinkie. I don't know why. And, we also have pegasus Applejack and earth pony Twilight. I really don't think that Equestria is ever going to be ready for an alicorn Pinkie Pie.
377 Sloppy Make out sessions - Mark Elling

Part 2 of my super awesome whatever this is... I don't even...
378 Day 20: Seapony - Franzeir

379 unicorn scoots - Mr.MachRay

380 Trixie Donates to Charity - Nevillucy

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