141 Spikelestia - th8827

Celestia is not too happy about this change.
142 Twilight Prime - Slowter

143 FlutterFrog - Troy Jacobsen

hop skip and a jump
144 Fusion - Horselover90

This is my first comic-strip-thingy and I hope you enjoy it. Maybe not "that" kind of transformation but the best idea that came to my mind. And damn, it took me way too much time to make but it really was fun. It is rather unfinished but I really need some sleep now. Oh yes, and it is another picture with absolutely no reference being used. Please enjoy...
145 Screw Loose Alicorn - JayBug

"From this day forth I decree that I shall be brought doggie treats every day!"
146 - Philipp GolenzAzurblau

147 Twilight Spikle - Schnee

Twilight's latest spell seems to have gone awry -- one gets the impression that this is not the outcome she expected. -- Myself, on the other hand, I'm quite happy with how this came out. I originally wanted to include Spike as well, transformed into pony form, but it would've taken too long, and I didn't want to overcomplicate things. -- 50 minutes.
148 Her Name Was Derpy! - UnlicensedBrony

Had to be Dragonball Z, didn't it? :)
149 I Really Wish Twilight was an Alicorn... - Sue

150 Kiwishy - socksthewarrior

Fluttershy as a Kiwi. NUF SAID
151 SHOO BEE DOO - ThunderShock

152 - Stratosfire

153 Sweetie Bot Transform - John Elliott

Transform and Roll Out
154 Transforming to rapidash! - Predo50

Twilight:"WHAT! THE HYDRA WASN'T THE DOOZY? HOW COULD IT NOT BE THE DOOZY?!? WHAT COULD BE DOOZYER THAN THAT?!?!" *Transforms to Rapidash* Pinkie:"Don't know but it just wasn't it." One of my favorite scenes^^ I tried something new today I intended just to do a sketch because I the lack of time but I spotted an old point 88 ink pen in my drawer.
155 Day 20 - Sam

Dont know if cop-out or not... either way, I guess my cooking is going to be a bit more cultural now
156 Messed Up Ponies - Kira

This is just... weird.
157 Day 20 - Kittenshy - NoCtrl

Kittenshy... i guess. Or Flutterpuss? o.Ô
158 Species Change - Harlequin Smiles


THE TIMBERPONIES ARE A'HOWLING! THE TIMBERPONIES ARE A'HOWLING! Applebloom as a Timberwolf comlete with her bow. All those lines took me ages to do, but I think it is worth it.
160 Earth Pony Princess Luna Pointillism - Wotato

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