1 day 21 - reaching out - unoservix

uh...ponies at a benefit concert? twilight sparkle reaches out on stage? uno reaches to try to connect this to the theme?
2 Gem hunting - Slizergiy

3 Derpy and Dashie - Christian Bravo

5 of the mane 6 done now! Just need Pinkie! A little weird I haven't done something of her, right? :D
4 Likely reached an OUT - Jenbun Spahging

She does have a point, I reached the cheapest solution to the art prompt. Of course I'm expecting at least one baseball picture in this prompt from someone else. I went with the OUTer Limits on this one. Nice show the 'OUTer Limits' is, it equals the Twilight Zone in being crazy awesome. Mostly crazy.
5 Amethyst Dawn to the Rescue! - Rebecca

6 Comfort for the broken - LessThanNormal

Sometimes, the loss of a loved one is just too much to bear. The ones that are there for you when you need them, are the ones that will help you get through anything.
7 Helping Hooves - antiemuforce

8 Getting a Cutie Mark - WoefulWriters

9 Fourth wall, what's that? - Simon

If only it was as simple as that Pinkie... Silly assignments not letting me get ponies drawn for the past few days, can't wait for the next make up gallery.
10 Day 21: Pinkie helps out a bunny - Kristen

Pinkie gives some balloons to a bunny to cheer him up!
11 Personal Shopper. - Abs

Twilight is in Canterlot and unfortunately bumps into Fleur and has to carry all her bags.
12 Fluttershy's New Look - RFpones

Due to the Great Equestrian Pink Famine, Fluttershy's mane and tail turned red-ish. So Rarity helped her get a new look.
13 My Little Helper - Llil

14 Failure - DJ Rainbow Dash

Going the sad route this time. It's hard to succeed here with hooves.
15 - Tinker

16 Torn apart, reaching out - Coin-Trip39

When you're pulled into the deepest parts of the dark, you're only option is to reach out and hope that there's someone out there reaching for you.
17 Just a little more! - Runbow Dash

18 awesome dash - ben

This is the first picture of a pony i drew
19 A Pinkie Problem - Goopsy

Besides Derpy, Merry May is definitely my favorite background pony.
20 It's so good to have a sister! - Damian

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