1 Under New Management - S.L.

2 Red Faction: Pony Rebellion - S.L.

Red faction: Guerrilla with ponies.
3 day 23 - staying up late - unoservix

next year Fluttershy planned Angel Bunny's birthday party for him
4 Amethyst Dawn in the Dark - Rebecca

5 Colgate Noir - Arctic Lux

Here's my best shot at adding some darkness to one of my sketches.
6 Likely a dark situation - Jenbun Spahging

In any case Luna could be quite mean if she wanted to be. Man this one turned out so well... to bad there is not enough light to show the vector graphics and the three dimensional editing I did. I to think I even took my art to new levels too. I only add 'And Mandy Tise' after my name if I in fact draw her character in a clearly visible spectrum as quite frankly she was someone elses idea.
7 Dark Souls should just finish downloading already... - Kripple Stix

Waiting for Dark Souls to download I figured this would be another way to get back into all things pony after a lazy summer! If you check my other stuff it's not great by any means but I think I'm improving and hope to get better ^__^
8 Everything's Fine. - DJ Rainbow Dash

9 Dead Silence - LessThanNormal

That feeling you get somethings behind you.
10 My Slender Experience... - Forger

worst 15 minutes of my life...
11 RD staying up late - Jaamal Smith

Decided to quickly draw RD reading some Daring Doo into the wee hours of the night. I could have done a lot better. But it's late for me as well. XD
12 Creature of the Night - Slizergiy

13 Fluttershy in the Dark - Mike McBrony

14 Alone(?) in the Dark - Llil

15 Lunar Quest - antiemuforce

16 Starstruck - Frank

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I look at the sky and at the countless stars and find myself in awe.
17 I Won't Say (I'm In Love) - FoxOfWar

RariJack is an awesome ship, and I was in a totally romantic mood today. Add the theme, and... we have this~
18 Late night gaming - Darastrix

EQD NATG Day 23 submission. Princess Luna always needs just one more level, because sleep is for the weak. Enjoy.
19 A pony in the dark - Ken Stone

Sorry, it had to be done (and will probably be done a dozen more times!)
20 Overnight Drawing - Jerome "Kira" Romero

Nope, not tired overworked PhoeKun.
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