1 day 26 - searching - unoservix

i actually have a tag on e621, which is just one more weird and frightening place to which ponies have taken my life
2 Day 26: Muffin Treasure! - Kristen

Note to self: Don't go on four day trips unless you're going to draw every day. Otherwise you will lose every improvements that you have made over the last 20 or so days.
3 Treasure Everywhere - Arctic Lux

I haf found... da magicks!
4 Oh my goddess a Giant Rock! - Slizergiy

5 Amethyst Dawn Finds Treasure - Rebecca

I forgot to outline Treasure's cutie mark, it is a treasure chest.
6 Treasures To be Found! - LessThanNormal

7 Applejack Values - Jenbun Spahging

Applejack teaching Applebloom a bit about how to treasure the things they have. Most don't know how to treasure what they have until it's gone.
8 Mimic Chest - antiemuforce

9 Hide and Seek - Alex Sharpe

Derpy's treasure is a lot closer to home than most
10 LEGO problem - Llil

11 The Search - DJ Rainbow Dash

Pages, man. Pages...
12 The Quest Continues - Norque

13 Has this ever happened to you? - Coin-Trip39

We've all been there before...
14 searching - dorkas

15 - Tinker

I found the remote and 6 bits
16 SlenderMane - Eius

17 How I hold this cup - Thanqol

Every theme which I have a great idea for Phoe gives on a day when I've got 15 minutes to do the picture.
18 Medication - BCRich40

19 Unorganized twilight - cole

Twilight looking for that one book, too bad she cant use magic to find it, i guess she'll just have to invite pinkie over to find it.
20 You Got a Red Rupee! - Sue

Here's Soarlink from the Wind Waker finding a red rupee. I had to do something Zelda related 'cause Link always finds random treasure and makes dumb dorky poses when you find some. (I don't remember if the *nuh nunna nuh nuh* sound is used for finding rupees in WW too 'cause I haven't played it for a while, but it's my favorite sound so I used it anyway.)
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