1 Fancy Pony, Fancy Taste - Arcovia

2 day 28 - moving on - unoservix

3 Charging Up - Arctic Lux

This was lazy of me... Well, it's day 28, i'm allowed to be tired.
4 ... FOR SCIENCE! - Slizergiy

5 Day 28: Rainbow Dash moving on - Kristen

I'm sorry, this is a very lame pun.
6 Super Warbling Electronics Equipped Tactically Intrusive Equine - Jenbun Spahging

Well where else was she going to hide a plug? In her nose? She wishes as she dreams of electric sheep.
7 Likely moving on... to bed. - Jenbun Spahging

I decided to do two this time. Sleeping is moving on to charge your batteries.
8 System Charge - LessThanNormal

System shutdown, initializing charge settings.
9 The Great and Powerful Bit#%! - Sky

Um. Kinda noob to fanbase. I use nerf alot. This was a very funny idea I had one lonely night and soo TADA!
10 Sweetie Bot - Christian Bravo

Poor Sweetie doesn't generate her own power supply through perpetual motion. She's stuck relying on the household plug in for power.
11 Filly AJ moving on to Manehatten. - Darastrix

EQD NATG Day 28. Don't have much to say here. Enjoy.
12 A charging pony - dredaich

13 Closer! I want to hit them with my Adorableness! - Alex Sharpe

This was an idea that I had quite a while ago but never got around to doing. Today's theme made me do it. Don't know how original it is now though...
14 Amethyst Dawn Gets Charged for a Book - Rebecca

15 Top Hats and Monocles: Carry on the Emotions - Coin-Trip39

On tonight's episode of Top Hats and Monocles, Lady Cloppinshire and Sir Trotsonhighhorse are no longer engaged due to the tragic events of last weeks episode. Sir Trotsonhighorse is now coping with this sudden break up and his half twin brother, Sir Liptonsire Cogsworth, hopes for him to move on. Featuring Shamus Tallyworthy as Sir Liptonsire Cogsworth.
16 testing - dorkas

17 Charging Pinkie Pie - Llil

18 - Tinker

Lack of sleep and an injured thumb made this a not so good picture.
19 Anne Charging - Ken Stone

Wot? Not what you were expecting?
20 A Fond Farewell - Norque

Leaving is easy... ... It's saying goodbye that's the killer.
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