281 Limits - DarkMage2/Darkicus

282 Waffling - Wolfie

After giving up on ordering delivery... Gus attempts to make Waffles.... After his previous horrors in the kitchen, he is justifiably TERRIFIED
283 Day 1 - Mitch

284 Day 2 - Mitch

285 Day 7 - Mitch

286 - Mitch

287 Day 9 - Mitch

288 Day 10 - Mitch

289 Giga Discord - th8827

Media Pony - Discord is Giga Gaia, a boss from Chrono Trigger. Applejack is Ayla, Twilight is Lucca, and Rainbow Dash is Crono.
290 Teenie Tiny Pony - Rebecca Skinner

A re-do of day 5 for the final day of EqD's NATG. Draw a filly or colt/draw a tiny pony. This is a mini version of my FC Pastel Hue.
291 Balance - Lunar Apologist

Make-up for Day 18!
292 Dancer 2.0 - Yandalf

Unfortunately I'll be ending in a minor. I really wanted to redo my day 14 submission sketch, but I finally got my hands on Guild Wars 2 today. So after a long install period I finally start to play, but right after I created my first character my worst fear came true: my laptop overheats. Overheating is a serious issue with my laptop and I can't maintain it myself because that'll make me lose any onsite support, and I can't drop it off at the helpdesk of my school yet since they'll be closed until the end of September. In short: after being distracted I just became way too pissed off to properly focus. Hate to let you guys down, else this would've been at least an attempt at something epic. Right now, I just hate this machine's guts. /endrant
293 Magical Mishaps - Wolfie

After giving up on ordering delivery... Gus attempts to make Waffles.... After his previous horrors in the kitchen, he is justifiably TERRIFIED
294 Valiant - Remake (NATG) - Dumas Mercado

My first entry (left), and its redrawn version (right). In case it isn't clear enough, this entry's theme is: Draw an idle pony.
295 Under Pressure - Wolfie

And to this day, Gus still has an unnatural fear of the colour pink
296 Exhausted - Britni

I think this is how we all feel after 30 fun days of drawing!
297 Thanks everyone! (part 1 of 3) - Robopengwin

Part 1 of 3. I'm probably not going to release as many pictures in such a short amount of time but hopefully just one or two in a week. From Children 18:3, "We'll Never Say Goodbye": Ever wonder as the years go by You can feel the story coming to a close We're getting older for the rest of our lives That's always, always how it goes And all this time I have followed you close Just hoping that you won't let me go I'm lookin' over my shoulder now At the meddling question that follows me home Summer is almost over, we'll never say goodbye Who has never been afraid of the dark When you can hear the future howling at your door? I never doubted you could take it this far And it's better to weather the storm It's kinda funny when I look back now But up ahead has never felt so unknown Every day brings you closer home, Leah Just hold on, just hold on Summer is almost over, we'll never say goodbye Sunlight is growing colder, but we'll never say goodnight
298 Dusk - Eric Zahn

299 Dinky versus gravity - Fadri

Some idle ponies watch Derpy crossing the streets, all of them formed by atoms, ergo material ponies. Derpy crosses in fast motion, at her peak of happiness. Look at her beaming! She carries her little filly Dinky. Dinky had a secret wish about which Derpy was in the dark. She wanted to try something new and fly like her mom, to be carried by her in a travel across the sky. It would be almost like she had transformed into a pegasus. And with all the world bellow her, she would be in its command, in a romantic way. Then Dinky told her wish to her mom. That represented a conflict for Derpy, and the issue puzzled her for a while because of the dangers of this acrobatic request. Derpy knew she's very clumsy to do it. She even was in the papers once when accidentally destroyed a building. Her clumsiness made her a media pony! But this time she needed to fix her own clumsiness somehow to make her daughter's wish real. Under all this pressure, finally she made a decision and asked Twilight
300 applebloom - ellie

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