341 NATG: Day 30 Hilltop - Mr. Boltitude

342 MLP ATG 30/20 - Wat? - BWO Sandman

Just my OC as a unicorn when he was originally a pegasus. He is very confused from the sudden change.
343 Back to Basics - PoniesPerMinute

Hair needs work, but I've improved!
344 Miles Tails Prower - CrimsonBlossom42

For Day 9: Pony from favorite game, movie, or book/Media pony.
345 artist training grounds compilation - jach

every single ATG drawing ive done. i may not have done as many as most but looking back this month went really fast i wish i had been able to do more but with exams coming soon and my blender game, i havent had the time to do most of them. either way heres a compilation of all of them. this was fun, and im sure to do it again if it happens next year :)
346 Closing Ceremony - JackJacko-Eponymous

Here, I hope there's everyone... And thanks a lot for all these days of frantic drawing, it was lots of fun!Last one out please turn off the lights ;)
347 Tiny Rarity holding a gem - ultireaper

348 Everything - AlvinPyre

I haven;t ever done an ATG before so I thought I'd do all of them
349 NATG: Day 30 Filly - Mr. Boltitude

350 Dr Whoof Adventures - Hawkeye92

Well, stands to reason the first and last entries are the ones I'm most proud of. This is also my entry to Pony In a Box's art contest which ends today so I can kill two birds with one stone. This is probably the most ambitious piece of digital art I've ever attempted and it's still not great. It's hard using a mouse to draw. Thanks Phoe for taking the time to host this. I've entered something every single day which probably increased my art output for the YEAR by at least 500% and without this event I wouldn't be likely to find the motivation, so you have my greatest thanks. Also I'd like to thank all of you who submitted over the month- I looked forwards every morning to seeing what fantastic pieces you all have created each day. Until next time...
351 It's Finally Over - Leek Soup

Don't get me wrong, It was fun but...sleep...
352 EqD NATG 2012 Day 30- Newbie Art Crusaders - SamuelEAllen

Sweetie Belle may be ready to take on another 30 days, but I think I'm ready for things to get back to a normal pace. That being said, as an proud alumni of last year's NATG, the last 30 days have been another amazing experience. I’ve tried new things, faced challenges, refined old skills, and have been more productive than I ever thought I could be. Thanks, Phoe and everyone else at EqD for making this event possible and congrats to all my fellow artists for another job well done!
353 Compiled - F4celess

I had no idea what drawing to redo. So I compiled every drawing into the lineart of the character used in all of them, Intel. Drawing Intel at least 30 times was a fun experience. Not only did I reach the goal of doing a 30day challenge. But I also learned how a character develops if you force it into scenarios, And I think it turned out really well, except for the part where she started to look like Derpy. C ya next year.
354 Day 22: Friends - Kristen

Today is the day where I update everything that I missed. This is only the first entry, I'll be doing about three, maybe four or five more today.
355 NATG: Day 30 Ball Beaming - Mr. Boltitude

356 Reminisce - Geradex Acondari

I decided I would go ahead and redo the very first one. I didn't look at the image once and have yet to look at it. I figured what better way to measure my progress by comparing two similar images.
357 NATG II - A month in a minute - klystron2010

Animated. Contains all themes.
358 Pony In Motion: Applejack - MonochromaticJelly

359 PhD Graduation - BronyZ

Quick sketch last night of myself as an OC graduating with my Ph.D. Totally wrong size on the background hoof, and I'm not really sure how to translate robes into ponies. Overall, I'm not unhappy with it though. For EqD NATG Day 29: a pony graduating.
360 Urban Search and Rescue Pony - BronyZ

Inspired by one of the photos of Texas Task Force 1 (http://usar.tamu.edu/Pages/Default.aspx), I tried to draw an Equestria Task Force 1 pony reaching through a breach. The eye on the right looks really off to me now. Also, I guess he needs the back of his body too. For EqD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds (I forgot which day): a rescue pony.
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