441 Tranquility - TheSapient

And now for something completely different.
442 AJ and Mr Jangles redo - DrCob

Demoman: "WE DID IT!!! HAHA!....Heh heh.....HAAUAAGHAAAauAG......."
443 Super Applebloom - Calder Brown

444 NATG: Day 30 Makeover - Mr. Boltitude

445 Yay my homework wasn't checked this whole time!!! - Toya Kano

Well for the very last time, I'll miss you guys! bye bye!
446 Bastion - the colt - Woodsbob

447 Beginnings of my art. - Natmeister

Draw a pony doing something new. This is where I begun. This is where I begin all my drawings. Just a simple sketch I do when I'm bored. This has been an amazing journey, and I can't wait for the next one!
448 Muffin Theft - TheSapient

Derpy would be furious.
449 ATG II: Day 9. Shinigami Shy - Mr. Fahrenheit89

When Luna's night covers the land The shy one dawns robes of black She strikes not with a blade, but her sight Not only with her eyes, but also a squee I still am a big bleach Fan. Every since I first saw Fluttershy I thought she acted a lot like Momo, Vice Captain of the Fifth squad. Might be a good Nightmare Night costume for her. Clothes aren't my strong suit, but it still turned out decent. Background from lissy-strata MLP: FIM and all Character and Likness © Hasbro Bleach ©Tite Kubo
450 Pony fiction - HurleyBoss

This is Jules from pulp fiction, aka Samuel L Jackson ,in pony form. the theme was draw a pony from your favorite game, movie or book.
451 Does this desert ever end? - TheSapient

His name's probably Colt Eastwood.
452 Mona Pinkie - Lomeo

Well, looks like that's it. The final day of the NATG. I... I don't know if I'm sad or happy. Either way, that month brought me so much new and wonderfull expirience that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. I can't quite explain how much I love every single one of you~ Haha, oh my. LET'S CELEBRATE NOW :D
453 ATG II: Day 5. accendental filly - Mr. Fahrenheit89

Not exactly how I wanted this day to turn out, time requirements and all that. It was suppose to involve Applejack and Applebloom swapping ages. Although I might go back and fix it. In this piece applejack got a potion from Zecora that would help some of the older tree become like they were young and fruit bearing once again. But she spilled it on herself. I would have had it up the first time if my internet did crap out at the last minute. Oh well. Background from matty4z MLP: FIM and all Character and Likness © Hasbro
454 Th-th-th-that's all, folks! - TheSapient

And now, for zee Grand Finale: DER FOR THE DERP GODDESS! >:D It was quite a ride with you. See you next year!
455 ATG II: Day 1. idling or idolizing? - Mr. Fahrenheit89

After reading the theme for the first day I thought of a car idling and idolizing a person (Pony in this case). Then it hit me Scootaloo would fit the bill for both.I have a new found respect for the comic artist in this fandom. It took me for every just to do one panel. I would hate to have to four of this and then put them in a boarder. It took so much time just to do one. Background from cloudshadezer0 MLP: FIM and all Character and Likness © Hasbro
456 Going With a Bang - Ingratate

Thought I'd finish the last day with something I'm best at drawing, so I drew a realistic Applejack. I consider MLP ponies and horses as different species.
457 Princess vs. Queen - Ken Rogers

Decided to go with the theme from Day 7 for this one. Here's Celestia v. Chrysalis!
458 Bane vs Mare Do Well - Santhan Vutha

Bane versus Mare Do Well. Who Will Win?
459 Draconequus Pie - Petra Michael (Utahraptorz)

Okay, I actually decided to do another since I have some free time. This is the theme of making a pony character a different specie, so I made a Draconequus version of Pinkie!
460 The Cutie Mark Crusaders - For The Longest Time - Santhan Vutha

The Idea came from an old song I heard when I was a kid called "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel and it really stuck with me and after hearing it again and seeing the cover of the single, I immediately thought of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo singing their own version.
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