501 Oh celestia - Mixed Scales

502 The Grand Finale - MediocreAtBest93

503 Day Thirty (drawing 1 of 4) - EricaC78

Uncolored because of moving. Day 3 - with a prop (the ring/bracelet Snails is holding) Day 5 - as a colt or filly (that's their current ages) Day 15 - a puzzled pony (Twist is kind of confused by Snails' proposal, considering they haven't even been dating) Day 16 - a romantic pony (I'd say proposing is pretty damn romantic) Day 27 - a fancy pony (Snails has a tie; that's fancy enough)
504 How to Potty Train Your Dragon - Timidus

I decided to redo the theme: Pony from favorite game, movie, or book/Media pony. Twilight is speaking Dragonese which comes from the books by Cressida Cowell and not from the movie. I could translate it for you but you can probably guess what she is saying.
505 Day 12 redo - ThunderPwn-E

Draw a pony using, or abusing moose. And abuse it, this one has.
506 EQD-ATG Day 30: Day 1 Redo: Idle Pony - Char the Dragon

Winding down by going back to square one. Actually, my day 30 plans were WAY to big to do in 2 days, let alone one.
507 NATG: Day 30 Romantic - Mr. Boltitude

508 Ermacorn - Enduring Doodler

A ponified version of Ermac from Mortal Kombat.
509 The Buck? - Slim Shadow

510 Snorelight Sarkle - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

When I saw this theme at 3 AM, I was determined to do do the bonus challenge of "Draw every single theme in one day", but sadly the countless nights of staying up for the upcoming theme finally caught up to me and I slept in too long to get started on such a big project. I hope a sleeping Twilight will suffice, representing the first NATG theme ("An idle pony") along with how I've felt over the past month of insomnia-induced drawing. Nonetheless I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this ordeal, along with EQD's staff. Since I started this event, I've seen a lot of improvement in my work and have also started to see my work shared on other sites, but it wouldn't have happened without the motivation you've all given me to improve. Thank you all once again.
511 "Catch Up" - FoxOfWar

Nothing to catch up on, heh.
512 Day Thirty (drawing 2 of 4) - EricaC78

Uncolored because of moving. Day 2: in motion (rolling down the hill) Day 4: on a hilltop (on a hill anyway) Day 6: having a ball (hehe) Day 8: trying something new (I doubt he's done this before) Day 18: pony acrobat (balance does take skill. Or magic)
513 NATG: Day 30 Under Pressure - Mr. Boltitude

514 30 ponies Part 1 - Natry

515 help - thebigapple

I was going to submit this for the "Draw a pony helping someone" Buuuut...
516 Under The Tree - Fruitlessdog

A story for you. In that book, there's a story about a ragtag group of people passionate about art. For thirty-one days, they are given a subject to draw, and make it presentable as possible. Other people were allowed to join at any given time, and people don't always have to submit, but each and every artist and viewer learned something. On the final day, the artists graduated, and took with them a memory lasting longer than a million lifetimes... ...and a bit of cake too!
517 The sleaziest of liars - Phillip Ramey

We are all done folks. This picture is showing a business type at his desk promising not to hurt you, when all he really wants is money.
518 Cheese Wheel - Canvas Painter

This was the entry for Day 3, but I was late. Dovahshy on a cheese unicycle, make of it what you will.
519 Sweetie Bot vs a Grizzly - Cyberfire22

Here is a mishmash of a few previous themes: Draw a pony in grizzly combat/transforming/with a secret/charging Basically Sweetie Bot is now on an existential rampage and is currently devastating the local grizzly bear population.
520 A strange view - Canvas Painter

"So you're the voice who keeps calling me." Time Turner said, his face stoic as ever. A wispy sigh echoed out into the minds of Timer and Canvas, sending a shiver up their spines. " I assume that you are here to assist me then." The serpent's voice said in a seductive tone. "Depends, what side of the moral paradigm do you live on?" The tan stallion looked onto the purple creature with the utmost suspicion. It was rare that a Fae would speak the whole truth. "Ah...always looking into the hearts of those around them. You act so much like your sire." The coiling being's voice was breathy and mental, surrounding the ponies in a strange mind haze. Time Turner tried to keep a straight face, he didn't want to give off any weakness. "Alligator Sky? He's not really the sensitive type." Time Turner knew well enough that what she was talking about.
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