601 - hip-indeed

602 PieDisliker's Degree - PieDisliker

I'm going to miss this. /)
603 Helping Hoof - Wolfie

*twitch* so... so much pooooonnnyyyyy
604 30 ponies Part 8 - Natry

605 Mission Accomplished - Spark Burst

606 Thank You! - Metaright

I want to thank you, Phoe, and all of Equestria Daily for putting this all together. I'm amazed at how far I've personally come, and it means so much to me that I was able to do this.
607 Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Hardcore Finale Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have the entire Mane 6, all of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Derpy Hooves and Dinky Hooves, Snips, and something that may or may not be seapony Lyra representing all of the themes from the event. This is by far the most complex piece I've ever done. It took about three hours to complete. I want to personally thank the blogponies at EqD for hosting this event, and I especially want to thank Phoe for her inspirational and humorous words. You rock, woohoo. Drawn on an LG Lucid smartphone with my index finger and the Picasso drawing application. I tried to do every theme, and both sides of double sided themes, and I hope I succeeded. Comments are very welcome and very appreciated.
608 pegasi with hats! - Latheneus

everyone loves ponies with Hats!! first our two beloved pegasi, Rainbow Dash with a fedora (everything looks 20% cooler with fedoras, try it at home) and Fluttershy with a Beret (again, berets being my favorite type of headgear). soon I'll do the rest of the mane six with different hats! Hope you enjoy it
609 Nothing like a good book to wait out a storm. (Day 22) - charyoshi

Well, after doing nothing for the last 8 days, I finished up (slapped together and shaded) the last details of this picture. I originally wanted Twilight to be snuggling with spike as she read, but I can't draw spike well and didn't want to drop my mediocre picture into the range of subpar. The shading on Twiglight got out of hand fast and the more I fixed it the more everything I was doing seemed wrong so I just cut my losses and posted what I had. All that aside, I think this is a pretty good picture and I'm glad that I did what I did for the challenge when I actually felt like uploading. I even have one whole fan on Deviantart now! Thanks to Phoe for putting all this together and anyone who actually bothered to look at my art! Pony on my brethren. /)
610 Pony with a Friend - Metaright

Making up for the prompt: With a friend/Hanging out
611 Rainbow Dash and BMO - Again - Arctic Lux

Pity I didn't have time to draw every single theme. Oh well... there's always next year. Still, I had an awesome time on this ATG. Cheers to everyone who stuck it out!
612 30 ponies Part 9 - Natry

Now that I'm done, I'd like to give everyone a pat on the back for a job well done. Hope to see you all next time we do this!
613 Fancy Pony - Metaright

Making up for the prompt: Pony at a masquerade/fancy pony
614 NATG: Day 30 In the Dark - Mr. Boltitude

615 Berry Punch celebrating - alleynurr

616 Reaching out for a friend - Horselover90

617 Whyspy Wings, Take Three - Metaright

Making up for the prompt: Idling To be compared to my very first submission, Whyspy Wings: Take One, found here: http://metaright.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d5a0xuq
618 Full Circle - Japanese Teeth

Redid the first theme. Twilight has improved. I still can't draw books though.
619 Day26: Derpy at the Gala - Forger

"At the Gala, in the kitchen, i'm going to see them all! All the muffins, I will eat them at the Gala!.." (sorry for quality)
620 August Dreams, Magnum Opus - VonDare

And now we have come full circle, back to the drawing that started it all. My first submission for this training month, Lyra Draws A Human, was supposed to be a one-time spur of the moment thing. However, after it got featured on Equestria Daily ATD header, I got a real ego boost and thought "why not make more"? So after many sleepless-ish nights here we are. I've had a lot of fun, and I hope everyone involved has too. Thanks once again for the hard work, Equestria Daily. And good luck with your future endeavours! (^-^ )b Now... On to Season 3!
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