661 - Clair Luree

decided to take on the challenge of doing all thirty in one day. i couldnt do them all, but i'm very pleased with the 24 i did. c: day 1: idle.
662 Faith - Renaissance Pony

Im sure this fits somewhere on the list
663 - Clair Luree

day 2: motion
664 I Got My Cutie Mark! - Rulsis

At long last I have come to the end of my journey! I have learned so much and come so far! And thanks to the NATG, I now know my special talent and just got my Cutie Mark! My special talent is creativity! It's art in its many forms! I loved video editing and making PMV's when I first came into this wonderful fandom and now I love making pictures! I love trying to figure out how to improve on my skills and apply them to my works! I started out as a blank flank, but I now know what I'm special at. And I never want to stop! Thank you Phoe and the great staff at EQD! For giving me this opportunity to learn who I am and to express myself in this new ability! And thanks to my good friend Kylecorn1996 (aka Bruiser), for being my first and best Brony friend who has stuck beside me patiently through this month!
665 pyro pinkie - Clair Luree

day 3: with a prop
666 Junior Speedsters - Wolfie

I got nothin...
667 Starting Point - Strickerx5

A redoing of the first prompt (Idle stance). Wow, still can't believe the month is over. I'm really glad I kept up with this from the very beginning. I mean, I was the guy who had issues drawing a stick figure before this! Now by no means am I saying my skills are grade A, top of the line perfection (the exact opposite really); but I find this as a great starting point (haha, see what I did there. "Starting point" because the title is... I'll stop now). The point (no pun intended) is, I'd really like to thank everyone and EQD for helping me get interested in improving my skills. I can't wait to start making up my own ideas for pieces. This event has been a blast.
668 - Clair Luree

day 4: on a hilltop
669 NOPE NOT SHIPPING - Clair Luree

day 4: a filly
670 Pony Pony Pony - Atlur

671 Day 24: Fluttershy holds in a secret - Kristen

672 - Clair Luree

day 4: smiling
673 - Clair Luree

day 4: facing conflict/combat
674 True Harmony - aj_joe

My submission for day 30 of NATG on EQD. Theme: Draw any previous theme; Submit a late entry Well, this theme was very difficult to me to decide, cause I had a lot of ideas, but finally I decided to do something that would be more meaningful to me. Here we have all of the mane 6 in the all well know group hug we saw on "The Cutie Mark Chronicles". There were two special reasons I decide to draw them: 1. It was an personal challenge to me, since so far I had never draw more than two ponies at a time. 2. It covers two themes: hanging with a friend and beaming, which I think were the main objective of NATG: to share with other bronies and to put a smile in someones face with our drawings Well, all I can say is that I'm glad I decided to take part of this great experience, and I promise I will give my best to continue drawing in the future.
675 A Friend - Chris gojdar

676 - Clair Luree

day 4: trying something new
677 Everything! - Macchiato Jolt

And now we can see what keeps Phoe up at night; Ponies!
678 IMG tg2 day 30 - Prismatic Pretzel

If I am not missing anything, I do believe I have managed to put elements of every theme into this mish mash of thrown together images. Hopefully I am not forgetting any of the themes. Now with a much better page link.
679 - Clair Luree

day 4: media pony (homestuck, vocaloid, minecraft, portal)
680 Bad dream - Chris gojdar

A pony under preasure
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