721 Idle Phoe - Muffinsforever

Sadly I didn't get to do all 29 themes, just 16, but here is the first one! Day 1
722 Sword Phoe - Muffinsforever

Day 2 and 3
723 ATG: ...The Movie...? - ExudesAffluence

The mysterious stranger would now like to redirect you to things you should pay attention to. But you should also pay attention to his sexy face. Because all the mares do.
724 He will PAY - Wolfie

Fancy pony
725 Challenge Accepted - chriswillpony

Today I decided to go with: Idling In motion With a prop/material pony On a hilltop/At their peak As filly or colt/Tiny pony Beaming/Having a ball Facing conflict/Grizzly combat Trying something new Pony from favorite game, movie, or book/Media pony Making decision/Waffling Fixing/On the mend Makeover/Using mousse In command/In the lead Traveling/Exotic pony Inquisitive/Puzzled Romantic/On a date Under pressure/Feeling the heat Acrobat/Stable pony Cooking/With a plate Species switched/Transforming Helping somepony/Reaching out With a friend/Hanging out Staying up late/In the dark Pony with secret/master thief Pony singing/wailing Pony searching for something/finding a treasure Pony at a masquerade/fancy pony Pony moving on/charging Pony celebrating/graduating
726 ATG: The Movie - ExudesAffluence

One movie. Two ponies. Two ponies in supporting roles. Five minutes. Thirty days. Thirty prompts. Thirty animations. A several hour mad scramble to throw everything together. I'm worse at video editing than I am at animation.
727 Filly Phoe - Muffinsforever

Day 4 5 and 6 (The hill is kinda a cop out though)
728 The Final Day - 45 Minutes Remain - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

I accepted the challenge of drawing all the themes in one day. Mediums used: Ink, Marker, Highlighter Time: 6.5 hours
729 Beginnings - Jaanai Ballesteros

wow, we are at the end... I'm not the best artist out there, but i have grown in ability and confidence. its been so fun to see all the wondrous creations that our fellow Bronies put out there. I hope to become just as good as they are. For this one I felt it was fitting going back to the first day: Draw a pony idle. :D. Just keep on getting stronger and Smile. :D
730 Phoes Madness - Muffinsforever

Day 7 and 9 kinda. This mainly counts as a theme I missed, Day 9 for a media character :3
731 Newbie Artist Training Grounds II Day 30 - Ishkie

I wasn't able to submit anything for the last six themes, so I drew them all for today's theme. Go to the DA page for explanations for each drawing. I'd like to say thank you to the staff at Equestria Daily for running this event, I feel like it really has helped me improve, not only in my art skills, but also in my confidence in my drawing ability. I can't say enough how grateful I am that I was given the opportunity to take part in this event, I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot, so thank you so much for letting me participate :D
732 - Eddykins

733 What Every Theme Looked like - Forward Bias

And we wrap up with what every NATG2 theme actually looked like in terms of getting the work done. Thanks for a good run everyone and I hope to see y'all in the Drawfriends and http://mlp-atg-alumni.deviantart.com
734 - Eddykins

735 Ponies traveling....in time. - Gummy

Looks like Pinkie's going on a trip through Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff.
736 Fixin the Wall - Muffinsforever

Another theme I missed, a pony fixing something for day 11 (this was actually the last one of the 11 drawings I did)
737 I'm late! - Gamesadict

Well... this sucks...
738 Gothy Phoe - Muffinsforever

Another missed them, Day 12, Makeover. I messed up on that front leg ;_;
739 Cereal Velociturtle: Day 20's Theme - ABronyAccount

See y'all in the funny papers!
740 Acrobatic Phoe - Muffinsforever

Another theme I missed, Day 18 Acrobatic pony. I really couldn't come up with much for this, so I did this basic thing...
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