741 It's A Wonderbolt Life - Rasple ZS

For MLP-ATG-Alumni's Week 37 (pony movie poster): It's a Wonderbolt Life! (WIP) || Oh... what? That was 25 weeks ago? || Well... for the last day of EqD's NATG2 (Draw any previous theme/Submit a late entry): The idea taken a little extreme, eh?
742 Soul Reaper Scratch - Darastrix

EQD NATG Day 30 I decided to do a new drawing for the Draw a pony as a character from your favorite movie, book, or show. I have had this idea in my head since the beginning, but my skills were not that good when the prompt was first given. So now I have done this and I thank everypony who has viewed, commented, and favourited my drawings. I am going to try to keep posting more works, so keep checking back. Again I would like to thank everypony and as always, Enjoy.
743 - Sapphire

For this final theme I picked the Exotic pony theme. It never crossed my mind to draw batponies during that time so I drew the ones from my favorite tumblr Moonstuck.
744 Griffon Phoe - Muffinsforever

Lol, random griffon tronsformation go! This was a cool theme I missed, Day 20 Transformation
745 fixing something - Alex S

Its been one hell of a month, couldnt have asked for a better time than this. Thanks for the opportunity EQD! its been awesome :)
746 Platinum Achievement - Aethel-Wulf

I decide to do the bonus challenge...and then some. Check it out on my dA clicking the link (the title of this). And please read the description on the dA...there was no way it would fit in here.
747 - Sham Faker

"The dark aint nothin' new fr'me. Plenty ah ponies gone an adopted th'dark as their friends, but ah was born innit. Made by it. The dark aint nothin' ne fer the blind."
748 Moving On - Wolfie

It's done... it's finally done... I can rest my poor hand and relax... And sleep.... It's done..... It's over.....
749 Solid Phoe - Muffinsforever

I actually did these already, Day 23 and Day 24, for thief and the dark :D
750 Day 30: Challenge - Yoka the Changeling

I'd like to say so many good word to Phoe but right now I'm exhausted. Let the art speak for itself.
751 Rise, Knights of the Artist Training Grounds! - Dane W.

Here we are at the end... congratulations to everyone who made it though the ATG! Thank you so much Phoe for running such a wonderful event! I found a creative side to myself that I never even knew existed! And that is worth more to me than you'll ever know :D

This month was so fast, I can't believe another Artist Training Grounds ends today. I am so happy with the results of it; now I have 30 drawings I wouldn't had made without it. I wish I could have had more time to draw this day's theme, but well, maybe I'll get more time to make it in the next year one. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
753 Day 30: Phoe / Idle pony - Yoka the Changeling

Thank you Phoe for all your hard work, support and inspiring posts and themes and everything. Words failing me right now. Thank you! There's another art for day 30. Take a look. I'm too exhausted to write or link.
754 Singin' in the Shower - Muffinsforever

DON'T STOP BELIEVEIN! Lol, another theme I missed, Day 25 Singing (or wailing) pony
755 NATG day 30 (end) - David Schlott

The last day of NATG :( I've gotten much better at ponies and I thank EQD for encouraging me to draw. Thank you,
756 Oddball and the Librarian - DCHorror

I just....really like these two. They're fun to draw.
757 Friendship :D - Wesley

758 Shocking! - Muffinsforever

The last theme I missed (cuz I feel asleep) Day 28 Charging pony! CLEAR!
759 Day 24: Draw a pony with a secret - Yoka the Changeling

Well, this is a but of a derp, because 24th day was yesterday. I've got this idea almost instantly and all day wanted to draw it, but I didn't. So I'm drawing this today, because how's gonna stop me? Nopony. If EQD opens up submition for a "lost images" again this one will go there. Fun fact: 25th day and the first changeling. Took me some time, didn't it?
760 Helping a Friend - Thomas

"Y-you really think I'm beautiful?" "The most fabulous pony in Ponyville. With or without help from some eyeliner."
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