801 - TapeDiggity

802 Day 1 & 2: An idle pony & A pony in motion - a[placeholder(pony)]

First of many backlogged entries.
803 The Mask - Hazzdawg

Spades: The Master of Disguise
804 Pony Acrobat - Pony Tim (Ask Trailblazer)

This was done the the Equestria Daily Artist Training Ground Day 18, "Draw a pony acrobat/stable pony." A pony acrobat performs in the circus. I used a pose from one of Kinla's (link here: [link]) to draw this. Thanks Kinla, it was very helpful! I'll probably come back and fix this one up a bit, I think it has potential.
805 Hoo boy here we go again - Nyrx

And so the end of the event has come.. and I celebrate by following what has seemingly developed into proper form for me by delivering something terribly unfinished.. for.. what is arguably a make-up turn in.. uhh. I saw the special challenge and figured that "aww yeah let's draw every image I've drawn prior in a single image, because knowing how I barely got done with those in time this'll totally fly!".. it didn't. Well, another one for the backlog, along with 29. :u
806 - Eddykins

807 Charging! - Hazzdawg

Attack team is ready!
808 End of the Final Day - Copper

809 monitor everything - Kirbyflea

please comment, this one is for day 24
810 Day 7: A pony in conflict - a[placeholder(pony)]

811 Don't You Leave Her Scootaloo - Nevillucy

So long and thanks for all the fish
812 Mystery Mare Masquerading in the Moonlight - Randomjack

I revisited my day 27 drawing of Rarity, dressed up for a masquerade. Not only did I vector and colour it, I added a touch of the atmosphere I had originally intended (but lacked time for). To all my fellow ATG participants, congratulations are in order! We soldiered on, through all the demands thrown at us, and we are better artists for the effort. To anyone who created art (whether on every day or only sometimes, like myself), to our guide Phoe, and even to anyone who watched us draw over the past month - be happy you were apart of the reprisal of a great event!
813 I tried my best, but its not quite there - DiscordedHarmony

814 Day 25: Flim and Flam singing - Kristen

Wow Flam looks way horrible. But Flim is looking pretty good in comparison. This marks the last of my entries, unless Phoe keeps the submitter open tomorrow and I can sneak in one more. I've improved so much during this month and I thank those of you who view my pictures and comment :)
815 Day 8: A pony trying something new - a[placeholder(pony)]

816 Reading Under the Covers [Makeup Day 23] - Matthew Nystrom

Thanks for a great month of NATG everyone! I had fun!
817 Dinky and Pinchy's Camp Out (Day 23 Make-up) - Rekiara

Whelp, Day 23 was the only day I missed during this entire event, so here it is =D
818 Graduating Pt 1 - Hazzdawg

Thank you Phoe, thank you EQD and ATG and everyone who was a part of this! Its been great fun!
819 Graduating Pt 2 - Hazzdawg

Oh well.
820 Day 30- I wub you all (animated) - Cara Citrine

Animated! You may have to go to the dA page to get it to work. This last month has been probably one of the best in my life. Not just because I've improve massively at art, started doing animations, gotten into guitar, booted back into programming, but I also discovered even more friends and grown as a person. Thank you. I thank each and every one of you either for posting ponies along with me so that I know I am not alone in this, but also for visiting my page and making my heart soar to see my view count many times higher than usual. Thank you to Equestria Daily for hosting this. My heart goes out to each of you. May your dreams come true and the world never cease to bring you wonder. ~Cara Citrine ps. Ahahaha 11:59. Not a moment was wasted today.
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