1 Noval's pony collection - Noval

2 Epic Pony Collection - Beth Hoey

I hope I win something! I mean, come on, this is the most epic pony collection ever, right? :D
3 Huge Collection of Pony - Angel Geissler

A large collection of pony. I have some other stuff seen in the photo as well not included in the video.. And excuse my voice please, I currently have a cold :(
4 ELITA'S PONYS!!! - Elita

5 ponies. - Hannah Landeros

6 Army of Ponies! - Heather (aka SpaceVoyager)

I couldn't fit all of my ponies into a single image. I have so many!
7 My Ponies - Hannah

I have additional images but I was unsure on how many I could send, I also have drawings I have done but some are not appropriate. I hope to win. ;D Thanks, Hannah
8 Kais Cool Collection - Kai Hanna

Its not good enough to win, but meh.
9 Brony Altar - Vinny

10 My MLP Collection - Justin Blanford

11 GM-Tom's MLP Collection - GamemasterTom

12 - Matt White

I couldn't fit all of it in one image, so the page URL goes to a tumblr page with more images and a video walkthrough of the collection.
13 my mlp stuff - duke parsley

all my mlp stuff other than hats hoodies and shirts love mlp got allmost every card!
14 My collection - Michael Rice

Large. Sry, there was a lot. Details typed in the image.
15 - David Gianforte

(I painted some of the blind bag ponies, but I don't sell them or take commissions.)
16 OtakuSquiirel Pony Swag - Christopher Herman

This is all just my personal swag- and it's not even everything I've got! Probably the choice pieces are the White FS Celestia, my two Derpys, and my NIghtmare Moon signed by Tabitha! =) I also have all the international exclusive ponies tucked away with the brushables.
17 Jordan's Collection - Jordan Salzer

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE READ!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I couldn't include EVERYTHING of FiM. If you use the http://mlparena.com/mlp/index.php/topic,308845.msg403794.html link and scroll down to my g4 section you will be able to see some other various items of Friendship is Magic (IE Tatoos,coloring books,ect) I could BARELY fit Cadence and Celestia on my shelf yet alone coloring books I'm SO sorry about that :(
18 Pony collection: S.A.S.Falcon (20/09/2012) - Ian Marchant (S.A.S.Falcon)

Collection features wave 1 and 2 blindbag sets in their entirety, the Gilda, Spitfire and Shining Armour blindbag figures, the set of Maccas toys, the Nightmare Moon collectors set and a Fluttershy plushie
19 - Jovick Lee

Just for lulz. Plz dun b mad.
20 So Much Poni! - Pixel Coder

Two or three times while I was photographing everything, I thought I had gotten it all but then remembered something else! There are still some smaller items not pictured, like playing cards, pins, stickers, jewelry, prints, etc., and I have a lot of things on preorder coming to me (and someday I'll get what's coming to me). It then took me hours to put all the images together because they were so big and Photoshop kept freezing up. "I'm just relieved to finally be done!"
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