181 MLP:FiM Collection 2012 - Chibi Jen Hen

182 - sssolifuge

Pictured: the entirety of wave 1 blindbags, brushables of all the mane 6 and CMC, a coveted SF ComicCon Derpy Hooves, a Vinyl Scratch t-shirt, the Royal Pony Wedding DVD, a WeLoveFine giant bag thingy with Dash on it, and a signed copy of Battle Kittens by FiM character designer Rebecca Dart.
183 Busy Day in Ponyville - moltres93

Entering the 'most creatively displayed' category! Please read the artist's description on the DeviantArt submission for more info on this display, and a story to go with it!
184 My Little Asylum - sz6sty

185 My Little Pony Collection - Tiffany E.

On my DeviantArt page there are two images of my collection. One includes my Pinkie Pie cosplay, but I was unsure if this could be considered part of my collection so there is one without me in it. The link provided is to the one with the cosplay. My collection includes handmade clay chubbies, a crocheted Pumpkin Cake and Pinkie Pie, and a customized Octavia figure. I hand-painted the display case to reflect scenery from MLPFIM. Thank you for considering my entry! - Tiffany
186 Huzzah! The Pony Collection has been Doubled! - richfiles

Well, here's my collection. Stored, it takes 5 massive boxes, 1 small box, a large bag, and then there's the stuff I keep out on display. I don't have many customs, but they are my own customs, and I need to finish them... /)_- The DA and YouTube pages have the most details, so go there I guess. Also... Best. Captcha. Ever. "thou armanub" Gamer Luna approves!
187 MLP FIM Collection 2011-2012 - Asukatze

I am a brony since 2011 and here you can see my collection. i am really proud of my selfmade stuff like my lamp and the cosplay. but i also love the original hasbro stuff like the brushable toy and the blind bag figures. i wish all members good luck and i look forward to see all the great collection pictures. <3
188 all my ponies - samantha hawn

The cutie in the middle is Luna and she's 3 years old. Yes, thats her real name, and I can provide proof for all the nay-sayers :-P Items missing include a full set of pink blind bag ponies, and almost a full deck of the trading cards (those are tucked away for actual collecting)
189 Crazyredemu's collection - Russell E Womack III

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3HukvchFr4 Have a video cause I can't fit it all in one photo lol
190 - Mary Ashton

Everything but my 8 shirts and my belt. I regret that i couldn't get a closer picture. Still, in this picture is 114 items (not including the ~145 cards, standees, and tattoos that I have in the binder).
191 Angel Beat's Little Pony Collection - Mario Kuiken

It's nothin' fancy, but should be acceptable.
192 Ren Haru's MLP Collection - Ren Haru

I hope doing an album was okay, but if not then I guess either the first or second picture will suffice. As I'm typing this I'm starting to realize that I forgot a few things, like the train, my t-shirts, some pins... but overall I got most of my collection down. Oh, and if anyone is interested in the last two pictures of perler bead ponies, I made them myself, and here is a link to my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePerlerPony
193 RPM1337's Pony collection - Taylor Parkinson

4 blankets, one pillow, two large plushies, three smaller plushies, 2 mini itsy bitsy plushies, (all hand made) one hand altered hoodie, one hand made hat, 110 cards (one in a lanyard behind a pinkie pie), one brony necklace, 2 bracelets, one pinkie pie shot glass, 9 key chains, 33 brushables, castle play set, rc car, 4 posters, countless blindbags (meaning I don't want to count them ^_~) with cards, and... I think that's it. ^_^
194 - Silver_Rain

The Friendship Express DVD in the lower right corner is the original version with the audio sync error, and the one in the top right is the corrected version, along with the envelope it was sent in.
195 Applejack Bonanza - Andrew Hydock

This is my Applejack collection so far and it's only going to get bigger! I've been collecting since the end of season 1 and have amassed this collection with what very little income I've had available. I hope you all will enjoy my collection as much as I do. Thanks much for looking!
196 - Felicia Schuman

This was taken on my living room couch and took about 45 minutes to put together. A Princess Celestia beach towel is draped over the cushions. The back centerpiece is a Discord print signed by John de Lancie. In the background are three coloring books, a box of valentines, the two DVDs and the Wal-Mart posters. On the couch itself are 29 blind bag figures, the basic Mane Six figures, two t-shirts, and 11 Happy Meal toys with all the cards from the blind bag figures scattered throughout. A Twilight Sparkle plushie is resting on two couch pillows to join the herd and complete the collection.
197 - GreyCapstan

198 MyBoyJ's Pony Collection - MyBoyJ

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