21 - Simon Sithat Penzes

Not my complete collection but my main stuff :3
22 Mushious MLP Collection - Sam

My collection. Few plushies (custom and official), several brushables and blindbags. The MLP Gift Pack (Large moulded figures) and the MLP DVD box set.
23 Magic is the courage that makes dreams into a reality, and that reality is friendship - Daniel

24 MLP Collection - White Wish

25 Best Wedding Ever! - Merodi

I know that this photo is a little blurred, but my best camera is damaged :( So... This is my small collection of ponies :3
26 - Rob Goulding

Certainly not the biggest you're likely to get, but big enough to make me feel happy/deeply concerned at the same time. ~ 10x WeLoveFine T-Shirts ~ 2x Hot Topic T-Shirts ~ 1x Wonderbolts Hoodie ~ 4x DVDs ~ 3x Brushables ~ 2x Blind Bag Ponies ~ 1x Derpy Pillow ~ Misc Stickers ~ Giant Bag from WLF ~ Wonderbolts Bag ~ Printed, Framed & Wall Mounted Motivational Posters
27 I got my pony swag for you! - Sarina Washington

Its pretty hard to get pony merch in the uk! But I think I did a pretty good job! I bought a spare suitcase with me to my trip to america just to fill with pony! i hope to fill my collection even more now I can make plushies! Did anyone say jumbo sized pinkie plush?
28 Swallowfire's Pride and Joy/ - Alex Grant

I've been collecting toys all my life but only started pony merchandise in October 2011. The main thing I collect are blindbags and I have over 50 of them, mostly customs. There is also a lot of other, misc/weird stuff in there, like the RD 3DS and FS canvas art. If you want to ask anything or have a chat, please do say hi on twitter: https://twitter.com/Swallowfire
29 The Great Cleave's ponies. (please see additional information section) - Adrian Ang

Just throwing this out there and hoping I win a card xD. FULL COLLECTION ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/66EYZ entry consists of one collection in 3 different locations, my primary (shelf), my card collection and accessories (i won't include shirts, i have 15, too many pictures xD), and my dump dresser (anything non-pinkie) list: - 2 of each pinkie pie blind bag -2 applejack and fluttershy blind bags -one of each remaining mane-6 -belt (with ~20 buttons attatched) -pinkie pie fleece hat -pinkie pie/twilight loafie -pinkie pie/twilight brushable -pinkie pie NMM brushable -GID zecora -MCS's pinkie pie/cheerilee -pinkie pie bubble blower -pinkie pie/twilight 10 inch (was it 10 inch?) plush -pinkie pie 5 inch plush -custom vinyl scratch blind bag -birthday card and more buttons -lanyard and pinkie pie keychain -card collection/necklace/bracelet -NMM set trixie -assorted blind bags -various Headphones/shirts/bags
30 - Michael Caraang

31 My Brony Room - Rocky

32 PONIES PONIES PONIES, a.k.a, Radiant Glyph's Pony Collection - Radiant Glyph

33 My Little Obsession - Ashley

34 My MLP collection! - Jaime Whittaker

Click on the image to see my video on YouTube of our full collection! The only thing I couldn't put in the video was my hubby's Brony shirt because he is wearing it today!
35 Paul Jacksons MLP FIM collection - Paul Jackson

Very large British pony collection, roughly a year old
36 MacX's Pony Collection! - Macklin Xu

The best part of my collection is that more than 50% of the items that make up my collection were HAND MADE by me...be it 40+ custom Ponies, Magnets (which every VA got as presents...including Lauren Faust), or THAT shirt's design (which got Tara Strong's approval). 8) Having official merchandise rounds it up nicely, including such rare items like autographed' Bronycon guidebook and 2 Enterplay Promo Rarity! I also wanted to reduce the negative space that isn't PONIFIED, so pretty happy with the result :)
37 My Pony Collection 1 - SeayDragon

Here are my ponies hope you can see them good I'm bad with a camera, I'm only miss a few ponies but there coming in the mail.
38 david billups' huge pony collection! - david billups

this is my complete collection of pony stuff! this is probably like 3000 dollars worth it includes pony comics, a complete collection of pony trading cards, derpy hooves, UK and german exclusive toys. a super rare pony wedding compact from the pony wedding party in california, fashion style ponies,a complete set of blind bags, pony dvds,and cds, books,zecora toy, a dozen pony posters, , to much to list and almost to much to fit in a picture!my bed is filled front to back with pony stuff! and this does not even include my collection of past generations.
39 Pony collection September - Max ( balthazar147 )

to see the beter pictures : http://balthazar147.tumblr.com/post/31581886898/my-current-collection-of-my-little-pony-merch
40 My G4 Pony Collection - Anni Wainwright

Small collection of g4s, utilising the Wedding Castle for display purposes. Specially featuring FS Cadence and Shining Armor, imported from US to UK! Sadly missing Fashion AJ :(
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