41 So much pony - Taliesin

Hi! I'm an italian brony, and I am in charge of www.mylittlepony.it, the italian brony community! Yeah, I'm the admin there, and our forum counts almost 1000 people! Not bad for Italy, you know? :)
42 SteC's Pony Collection - Stephen Child

Whew! Finally all set up. I have a modest collection that started with the Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash doll sets last October, just to prove that they exist in UK stores at the time along with the magazine. But then came the blindbags; that really got me revved up to start a collection of my own. I'm one of those fans who collect personal favourites over an entire set, though I won't hesitate to search for my very first plushie someday. The shiny Rainbow Dash and Season 1 cast poster are my pride and joy. Enjoy what you see! (*?*)
43 My Little Collection: Merchandise is Magic - Christopher Smith

All of my pony stuff except my duplicate cards and the Rainbow Dash blindbag that sits on my dashboard.
44 The Equestrian Army - Felicia Gilley

My mighty pony army! I started watching the show last October, and starting collecting just a month later! It started with just the Mane 6 and a few others I thought had a nice color scheme, and eventually it grew like wildfire. I think I have at least 1 of every individual pony character (except the talking baby pony plushies), not including euro blind bag waves. My collection includes factory errors, the South America McDonalds light up toys, Derpy, Euro exclusives, a small handful of customs, and more!
45 - Phil Curtis

Pretty much everything available to bronies in the United Kingdom, with additional stock bought from USA. (\
46 - Joseph Contento

47 Electric Spark's MLP Collection - Sander 'ElectricSpark' Vermeire

around 120 blindbag ponies (complete wave 1 trough 5) + Wedding set, Cloudsdale Set and Wedding set Customized bank card Posters from Galacon and humanized Twilight, Trixie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash Plush of my OC created by the lovely WhiteDove-Creations Card game and tarot cards bought at Galacon WLF poster and stickers from first order WLF Dash clothing bag and WLF Twilight read a book bag (both from second order) Fallout Equestria all 5 volumes and Past Sins Hardcover book Mane 6 + Discord Certified tags 9 Pony related T-shirts 1 Pony related hoodie
48 My shelves - Camtheman

49 Pony Collection - Cloudhammer

50 Pone stuffs, go! - Thoroar

I figured I could round up my stuff and take a picture of it. After half an hour cleaning the desk, I was standing shirtless, taking pictures of the ponies. My collection is made up of: 39 buttons of various size Mane 6 stickers Steampunk Applejack sticker Sheet of small, glittering stickers Giant Pinkie Pie sticker 2 "activity books" 2 magazines Pinkie Pie beanie hat 2 Pinkie Pie Scarves 7 shirts, one for each day if needed. 34 blind bag figures Rainbow Dash Keychain Rainbow Dash brushable figure 2 Small art prints 5 Posters Derpy messenger bag WeLoveFine big Rainbow Dash bag The Ticker Master DVD (not pictured) Most of the art, buttons and stickers were aquired at meetups in London, while the majority of the shirts is from WeLoveFine. For the blind bag figures, I bought a whole box of wave 6 (yellow bags).
51 My Pony Shrine! - Tyler Fordham

Hi, I'm Tyler and I'm currently doing intel training in the Air Force. This was a picture of my collection the night before I left for basic military training. Collection would be bigger right now but that's the most recent (and funny :P) picture I've got. Lots of bronies here at tech school suprisingly!
52 MLP Collection - Christian Cerda

I also took some close-ups in case the main picture is hard to see: http://christiancerda.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps
53 Collection - Craig Vogeley

Here's my entry for the contest. Sorry that the images aren't very high quality. Also I apologize that the pictures are moving rather quickly. I thought I had made it a slow speed. Pictures include 1: pony posters 2: pony figures 3: marshmallow pony plushies 4: commissioned sketch of my OC 5:art by Max Gilardi 6: pony buttons 7: pony cards 8: pony t-shirts 9: welovefine stuff 10: my car w/ cutie mark.
54 my collection - Tori Caskey

55 Narxinba's Pony Collection - Brianna

Had to take 3 separate pictures, because I couldnt get it all in the one shot. Excuse the headless ponies on the left, I'm in the middle of making customs. Official Pony Merch: Birthday Cards, Season 1 DVDs, toys, McDonalds Twilight, character cards (at the front), towel, colouring book. Fan Made Items: All the custom toys were made by me. The pony ears, mouse pad and pins I bought at Supanova. The painting that is framed on the right is huge (too heavy to take down) and was made by =Tridgeon
56 - Miranda

57 My Pony Collection - Joseph Largent

58 Pony Tour 2012 - Nathaniel Rohr

The image is actually from earlier, when I got my first shipment of stuff, the star of this submission is the linked video. Hope that's okay.
59 some of my mlp Pony Collection - trickyZ

my contest entry
60 Mowza2k2's G4 Collection - Matthew Blanscett

I have most of my merchandise pictured, but I have so much I have a hard time getting it all into one place. Not pictured are the rest of the Comic-Con motivational posters. And if you direct your attention to the bottom right you will see the blind bag boxes, they are full and have all 24 from every wave. I even have wave 2 from Europe and the Pink Glitter Twilight. On the right also contains ALL the brushable singles that have been officially released. I do have all the cards already including RD, but if I win I plan to send Flutters off to a very good friend in Finland. The site link is my main brag site because in detail you can see all of my merch in one place. And last but not least I know this doesnt quite count as merch but maybe you should check it out. http://i978.photobucket.com/albums/ae265/mowza2k2/IMG_20120810_191126.jpg I should mention that all the merch is mine and it is not a pool of me and my friends. I have many that can and will vouch it is mine. I hope I win!
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