61 Way Too Many Ponies - Dave Rhodes

My collection includes not only the toys, but also a fair chunk of pony media spanning the generations! Please check out the linked Imgur album for pictures of each shelf and descriptions.
62 My Little Pony Toy Collection - Catherine

63 A Populpus Amount of Pony - Jessica Schilling

In this picture is a little over 162 pony items (some are doubles). There are 35 plushies, 94 figures, and 33 miscellaneous things like posters, books, etc. I have a few more things not shown in these photos (3 T-shirts in the wash, a WeLoveFine huge Rainbow Dash bag, and a DVD) I cannot believe I collected so much stuff! I didn't even realize how much stuff I had until I got it all together!
64 Mithzan's MLP FiM Collection - Max / Mithzan

Always wanted to share my collection, really love this contest, thanks for hosting it!!
65 My Little Ponies - Mike McNary

Just thought I would throw in my ponies. You can't tell from the picture, but the binder contains a full set of cards.
66 Mane 6 with Derpy and Customs! - Jeremy Ciocon

Mane six ponies and Batman ponies included with Derpys! <3
67 That better than average pony collection >.> - Zeeee

i have one of each of the mane 6 figures, still looking for a burshable pinkie and applejack, sadly the stores near me are sold out of them two getting the vinyl and trixie ones soon then a few shirts and my fluttershy beanie and pinkie pillow all over my MLP throw blanket /)
68 My humble collection - Medali Castro

Here are my ponies. It might not be as awesome a collection as other collections but it's mine and I love it and most importantly it makes me smile. I would've taken a picture with my new Derpy but the contest ends before she gets here! So sad that she won't be included. I actually did hold a Derpy for a bit but it wasn't meant for me, I had gotten it for my friend for his birthday. I was so thrilled that I could make him happy no matter much I wanted one of my own. If you want to see the video of the present go for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqX_wkvgeYg&list=UU8YOhKbEGOfsO5UfGmjVg-Q&index=1&feature=plcp ^_^ There is a gigantic perler Pinkie and cool stuff. Anyway, yeah my collection should win, like I said it's not as amazing as others might be but it means the world to me, and it was obtained through the sweat and tears of being a student worker at my college. Besides if others have the money to make huge collections, then they can afford that card on their own :P
69 My Pony Collection - Allen

Ponies that I've collected over the two years after two years of being a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
70 - SailorCardKnight

My pony collection. There are pieces of my anime/manga collection in this pic as well, but its actually a very small portion of my collection of that. Hopfully you don't mind as the images do focus on pony afteral.
71 Collectors contest entry: What does 135 ponies look like? - Keniakittykat

I'm so sorry for the horrendous quality of the photo. My camera's flashcard went missing so I had to shoot this with the webcam of my laptop... It wasn't easy... I used cardboard boxes, buttercups and tupperware kits to stack them up like that. Organizing them took almost an hour! Anyway, I've been actively collecting for almost 4 years now, and have 135 ponies in my collection from ALL generations. I don't have as many g4 ponies, but that's because I've been low on space and money. But I do have the official pre-release Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Christmas ornament and 2 pinkie plastic cups. ^^ (Lower right corner) I've been in love with ponies since I was little. So actually, this is my 21 year long love for ponies incarnate.
72 I LOVE MY LITTLE PONY THIS MUCH! - Brittney Golembiewski

what more can I say? :)
73 Dashie's Heard - Kimberly Ross

I have been accumulating these ponies for ten years, that means i was five when i first stated collecting. My ponies are very exited and really really really would love it if the fine mares and gentle colts of Equestria Daily could choose them as one of the top pony collections. Thanks!!!
74 MLP collection - Rob Weiss

75 - Zach

76 Pony Swag - Not sharing, sorry

I started collecting My Little Pony toys in 2006, ended (reluctantly) in 2008, then jumped right back into the pony-purchasing scene in 2011. My first G4 pony was an Easter Fluttershy. She came in a box shaped like a snowglobe. My most recent one was Crystal Twilight. I'm really excited for the new merchandise (especially Trixie and Lyra, but all my love's on Twixie) and, yeah. Since I'm not clever with my endings, brony on!
77 From the Desk of Flak Scootaloo Bennett - Flak Scootaloo Bennett

78 Recreation of Canterlot - Kaela Thompson

This is my prized pony collection! i could look at it for hours but i dont belive half of its even mine:p sorry for the sucky resolution. My only cammra is on my phone and it refuses to foucus right. and sorry for the inconvienence of it being in two places.
79 Ponies and 2Pac - Brad Okscin

80 Lotsa Ponies! - Sophie

This is ALL the pony stuff in my house right now, with the exception of my sister's Doctor Whooves shirt. Most pony customs are made by yours truly, but the faux fur hair Fluttershy is made by :iconvoodoo-tiki:, the filly Luna is made by :iconspacevoyager: for my sis, the mini Luna in the first pic is made be a girl at a meetup, and the Joker brushable pony in the second panel is from a meetup as well. All drawings are mine.:) That butt ugly Fluttershy on official Twilight's head was my first plushie attempt ever. I made it last october.
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