81 So Many Tiny Ponies! - Ken Rogers

82 Cobra Commando's Pony Race Car Army - John Corey

This is my pony collection. The centerpiece is cobra commander's pony race car army, complete with Godzilla riding Master Chief. It's the entire series 1 blind bag collection plus the target rainbow ponies. It may not be apparent from this picture but I tried to match the cars to the ponies based on colors and personality. Cobra commander himself is pierced (directly in the chest) with my favorite oc pony pin, Ohio Bronies mascot, Peanut Bucker. He is flanked by #001 pokemon bulbasaur. On the left we have my brony lanyard, also featuring Peanut Bucker, and my drawing of someone else's pony art that I liked so much I framed. On the right we have my pony plushies, Fluttershy, (by Skradke) and shy little philly Woona. (by Magicalmoomoo) The McDonald's ponies take the center as well the main six blind bag ponies and some dinosaur skulls. There is an mlp poster underneath from one of the mlp sticker books. More pictures in my DeviantArt scrapbook!
83 - Ryann

My collection. :)
84 - Eric O

This is my wonderful Pony collection that I have amassed over the past year. Every piece of this collection is important to me, but the most important pieces lay at the top most parts of the bookcase. Included are the SDCC Exclusive Derpy, TRU Exclusive Zecora, the Collector's Set with Nightmare Moon (out of package, as it took too much space), and the SDCC 2011 poster. I actually have the Walmart posters, just no frames for them yet. I still have my badge from BronyCon as well as the program booklet. The shirts are only 4 of 6. You can only bet this collection will get even bigger.
85 My Pony Obsession - Liz Peterson

I have such a big collection I couldn't get it in just one picture, but I have posted all the images on the website listed. I'm crazy for the Blind Bags, and I have (almost) all of them. Thanks for hosting such an awesome contest!
86 My MLP Collection - Alexandra Mcgrath

Sorry about the blurriness of some of the pictures all I have for a camra right now is my DS. I also hope multiple pictures were okay since there was no way I was going to be able to fit my whole collection in one spot for a picture. I also have most of these pictures uploaded here http://stagprince.webs.com/ .
87 MLP Collection at the moment - Stardustchild01

I'm not hoping to win this but i did want to at least show off my collection. XD
88 Pony Merch On Display - Corycyrus

We built the table out of wood and then painted it. My wife added the decorative features after the initial painting.
89 My MLP:FIM Collection - Thomas S

So, after getting all of my pony merch from their hiding spots, I put all of my MLP:FIM cards, bookmarks, blindbags, sets, clothes, etc... and got some pictures to submit. I'm starting to run out of spots to hide any more ponies that I get! It's worth a shot to enter this contest. Best of luck to everyone!
90 - Andi

My little collection :) I own 11 blindbag-figures, 1 brushable and a Ringbinder.
91 My little pony : Friendship is magic collection. - Amanda

This is my collection for the contest you're hosting! Been collecting for almost two years now.
92 Souvenirs From Equestria - Robby Morris

Yes, I redecorated an entire wall in my studio to showcase MY Little Pony collection. :)
93 Pony Shrine - Christopher Nichols

Here's my kids' MLP collection (um... yeah... it all belongs to the "kids"). It's mostly G4 with a few G3.5 things (like the ferris wheel and the bus). When the 'reward' for potty training success is a pony, the collection tends to build up pretty fast!
94 - Debra Mackenzie

95 My Absurd Pony Collection! - Em

You can also view a video that I made of my collection here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NML0guSlrkg Thanks!
96 MY PONY COLLECTION. :D - Joey Young

This is all my pony stuff, everything you see on the wall is all pony related stuff. 80% of the stuff on the wall are all hand drawn drawings that I have drawn over the 2years that I've been watching. Well, Except for two which a friend had drawn for me. I have about 50 items there maybe more maybe less. I am missing like 2 or 3 items which are at my other house. I have a pinkie pie hoodie on the wall which I had made and the GCD(Ghost Capturing Device)(which is the silver vacuum looking thingy)which I had made based on the fanfiction Sweetie's Mansion. But yeah there is my entry, Don't know if it's alot or it's small compared to others but I hope that I may win, didn't get a good present for my friend for his birthday and well his favorite pony is Fluttershy and that would be the perfect late gift. But yeah anyways that's my collection hope I stand a chance, Bye.
97 My MLP Collection - Tyler

I've been collecting for about a year or so now. My first piece was brushable Fluttershy. Unpictured is my complete set of the Enterplay card collection (minus some of the golds and promo cards). ... P.S. Twilight is best pony.
98 - Raven Klingele

Items: Plumsweet, Glimmer Wings Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Dream Drifter (3rd Gen), Rarity, Sprinkle Stripe figurine & Collector Card, Twilight Sky figurine & Collector Card, Mosely Orange figurine & Collector Card, Rarity Metallic Shimmer Collector Card, Pinkie Pie Custom Mini Mugg, Cherries & Berries (3rd Gen), Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Snowcatcher, Equestria Map Poster, original artwork by Alisha Klingele (Punk Pony) and me (Pinkie Pie)
99 My pony collection - Brian

100 All the pony - Exotahu

I almost couldn't fit it all in. But here is what is pictured: Mane 6 standard brushable Cheerilee + CMC set Nightmare moon set Gift set with the pink molded Celestia Zecora Fluttershy McD toy (2nd run) Crystal Pinkie and Rainbow Dash (Hmm... crystals) Rainbow Blindbag set Apple Faimily, Royal Wedding, and Cloudsdale Blindbag set. Misc Blindbags(With cards) including: Mane 6 Lyra Carrot Top (Golden Harvest) Berry Punch (Berryshine) Roseluck Minty And a whole bunch of others I'm not going to list TRU Pinkie and Twilight Tiny Rainbow Dash Plush Also included is my 3 shirts, all 3 DVDs, a badge, a custom phone cozy thing I won at a con raffle, and some trading cards. I have tendency to go a little nuts when collecting stuff. It all started with that one basic Fluttershy and kinda snowballed from there. Good god that's a lot of pony. Even so I doubt I'll even come close to winning lol. Gotta try though!
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