101 My Pony Collection - Alexis Johnson

102 The Only Pony That Matters - Professor Equine

Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck Roseluck RoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluckRoseluck
103 My big pony collection - Alex Slater

This be my collection, I notice the contest says 'ponys only', so I wasn't sure if that excluded poster/shirts/random stuff, so I took pictures of everything divided up.
104 "The Pony Dome" - Midnight Aperture

My collection of anything and everything pony I can get my hooves on. I live in Canada, so I'm not in the best of spots to be able to get all sorts at a whim, so I've turned to the internet for a good lot of it. Since filming, I've acquired a Derpy plush, MLP Edition Memory game and of course, more blind bags. My title "The Pony Dome" was coined by my mother, upon seeing all the stuff massed together for the first time. lol
105 So I Heard You Like Ponies... - ladyhart21

106 - FinderPony

107 EQD Collection Contest Entry - John Nguyen

This is my entry to the Equestria Daily Pony Collection showcasing my collection of pony toys. I have been collecting pony toys since April 2011 and began customizing them since August 2011. The majority of my collection is comprised of customs made by myself (unless otherwise noted) or restyled by myself. This is a result of my own work and effort with careful shopping and trading. I'm aiming to win most creative category of the competition because a vast majority of my collection are customs and that this collection is focused on having what I like rather than trying to get everything released in mind. (Note: I could not link to the proper sized image because it exceeded the 2000x2000 maximum. The proper sized image link can be found here: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/267/0/4/eqd_collection_contest_entry_by_kd_230692-d5fppvy.jpg )
108 My pony collection ( so far :) ) - CameraMagic/AFtwi

109 Brony Fort: Friendship is stacking a pyramind - Francisco J. Ortega Delgado

My mom did not approve of this =D This stacking of items needed very little organizing, yes it has always been like that, and I will keep placing this on the wall for the sake of ponies.
110 himanuts' Pony Collection - himanuts

111 My pony collection - CameraMagic/AFtwi

112 my little collection - chickenmer

joined the herd less than 5 months ago but honestly i'm a brony because of the love and caring this community has for one another. thanks for the great contest!! can't wait to see everyone's collections :)
113 Pony Collection - Jamie Beecher

~Been collectiong since February 18, 2012 ~should be about 200+ MLP related items
114 Pony collection 2012 - Kelsey

I mainly use flickr. About the collection: this is about 8 years worth. That's not even all of it. G4 are mostly in the lower right corner. The blind bag box is full of waves 1-4. I have 2 derpys. Most of my collection is G1.
115 Equestrian Collection - Wilshirewolf

116 My Collection So Far - Rulsis

Had to post my collection as a bunch of smaller pictures because "I couldn't fit it all in!" Each picture can be seen quite clearly if zoomed in. If there appears to be duplicates, that's because I tend to collection the mane 6 over and over again with each wave re-release. Still don't have my SDCC Derpy! But so, very soon! *rubs hooves together* Also don't know if my Printed copies of Fallout Equestria count, but I did pay a good amount for them.
117 G4 Pony Collection - Karlee Bird

My collection of G4s, background is my backyard in Oregon.
118 Mane 6 having fun - SStwins11

Rainbow Dash and Applejack are playing poker, Rainbow Dash is cheating (somepony has an ace up their sleeve!). Rarity is eating a fancy blueberry dinner. Twilight has just received 4 tickets to Canterlot, and she's already worried about which friends to take with her. Pinkie Pie is climbing up the wall (typical Pinkie!). And Fluttershy is taking care of two animals, a dog and a hedgehog.
119 ponies o' time - Flitch

120 My Little Obsession - Liz Yanzer

My Little Pony obsession. I have several customs in progress that are not pictured. I don't have a good area to display my collection, so my lovelies will have to stay boxed until I have a more suitable home for them.
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