121 My Minuscule amount of Pony Swag - Pink Champagne

A few things to note about the video: the binder does include the entire card collection minus F35-F40, the two Twilight shirts are signed, there's no RD exclusive because it's currently on it's way here, and I would never part with any of my stuff.
122 My Entire My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic collection - Wes Therrien

123 Framwinkle's MLP Collection 2012-09 - Framwinkle

It was impractical to get all my stuff together in one shot, so I made a collage.
124 Pony wall - Jessica Lewis

125 My MLP: FiM Collection - Monica Merino

Huge 2012-2013 calender, toys, blind bag ponies, fan made art I drew, painted, and handicraft-ed myself, Screening Project poster, three tote bags, and coloring pages. Please ignore the various objects around my collection.
126 - Nick (Azure)

Most of this has been attained since season two's ending, there are a few random things not pictured like coloring books and towels. I apologize ahead of time if I went overboard with the commentary. cheers
127 My Little Pony Collection by sdyoshi123 - Stephen Salcido

everything you see I've bought from Wal-mart, Target, Hot Topic, and FYE. The Fluttershy painting and Easter egg are from friends.
128 Milka's Collection - Milkarevenge/Comrade Fluttershy

Just as some context, the black box in the back is my desktop tower, and the whole collection is on my Friendship is Magic bed sheets.
129 Pony Collection - Lauren

130 Manic Splice's Brony Room - Kurt Mays

This is my pony room, with my merch, plushies and even a few shirts and custom made items :) All the background pictures were printed on kodak photo paper on best printing settings and then laminated to keep them looking swag (only the best for ponies) I hope you guys like it, thanks for viewing!
131 My Little Bit O' Happyness. - Tracy Flood

The bulk of the images are at the Photobucket link, I didn't want to flood my Flickr account so uploaded there instead. Those pictures are what I have on my iPod to help keep track of what, and how many of each item I have. They are not multiple pictures of the same item, I have purchased multiples of the ones I really like and also picked up a few to give as gifts and to customize. The only things missing from these pictures are the original art from my badges and a couple prints. Also left out are the rest of my blindbags since I don't have images of them, and don't have time to dig them all out to take some. Multiples of the US pink, purple and blue sets can be added to what is in the pictures though. The pieces in the folder "my creations" were made by me, and the badges were gifts from friends for Everfree. Oh, and I forgot my toothbrush when I went to EverfreeNW so picked up a Pinkie Pie toothbrush set to use. I doubt anyone wants to see a used toothbrush though. :-P
132 my little pony gen 4 collection - kirbie L

this is my current gen 4 my little pony friendship is magic collection, to see the full collection i have added the link to my youtube video of my full collection as of september 24th ^-^
133 - Misogypony

I've been gradually collecting ponies since June of 2011, It might be hard to see but the comic con poster has been signed by Lauren Faust, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver, and Tara Strong during bronycon.
134 - Richie Davidson

I highlighted a few favorites. Not picture is my pony wardrobe, including my Derpy Computer Bag, hehe
135 Book Fort - Brad Elliott

136 MLP Collection - Michael

137 So Many Ponies - Shade

A lot of this I made/customized. Also I recently bought the Brony Set with LEMON HEARTS. <3
138 Plushie Paradise - PonyVillain

Here is (most of) my collection. I usually keep them all over the place, and posing them was.. problematic. Now, seeing as I'm artistically challenged, these were all made by Other People. You can find a (hopefully) complete listing on the linked DA page.
139 Pixelkitties Pony Collection - pixelkitties

140 My growing MLP collection - Eliza Bolen

1 comic con Derpy 1 Rainbow Dash brushable 1 OC Plush 1 Custom figure OC 3 large plushies of Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie 17 Random Blind Bag figurines 7 Mcdonalds pony keychains 3 coloring books 1 Pair of Rainbow Dash sunglasses 1 Rainbow Dash Wallet 1 Brony Lanyard 95 trading cards 4 posters 3 pony shirts, 2 Dash, 1 Derpy I am hoping to add to my collection soon!
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