141 The Brony Room - KeshKetogh

142 Fluttershy Collection - Phillip B

The collection and close ups are spread around my deviant art gallery..
143 pony addiction - Wilford B Wolf

well id put a list up of what all is in the shot but...it wont fit in the limitations...soo il say this all tthats missing useing strawberry reef as a referance is 10 items...fs aj, raritys carousel, 3 international ponys and 7 oc's my most prized in the shot would be my 5 signed by the VA's FS ponys as well as my CMC set signed by all 3 of the cmc and cherilee's VA as well as some VA signed cards and one of the very first cd's acoustic brony as well as one of the first box michelle creber cds signed by everyone inculding her parents 201 blindbags 114 g4 brushable/fs 27misc g4 38 misc g1-g3.5 +6 in the mail on ther way to me
144 - Alex "Sun Gear" Engle

145 My Little Pony Collection by Furboz - Furboz

Mexican Brony =D
146 My Little Armada: Invasion is Magic - Joe

90 overall, although I'll admit, these are not all ponies. There's a griffon, a zebra, and a chicken in there as well.
147 My Pony Collection - Madison

My collection of ponies. I have G1, G2, G3, G3.5, and G4 ponies. I have 2 custom ponies and 2 plushies that I made, one of each are my brothers. I am guessing I have about 200 ponies in all.
148 The First Step is Admitting There's a Problem - Leslie Barnes

Thanks for the chance to get all my stuff together and get a picture! I had no idea I had amassed so much pony...I love my pony stuff, and can't wait to find more pieces to add. The signed Tom plush, Princess Celestia plush, and the farthest right Pinkie Pie plush are all made by myself. The rest was purchased from stores and vendors.
149 - AwesomeTurtwig

A little dirty, haven't been home from school in a while to clean it up, had my sister take the picture for me. My prized possession is my signed Comic Con poster.
150 Current Pony Collection of David Schlott - David Schlott

My current collection. What is not shown is my Laptop with pony stickers, 6 other shirts, and my pony posters.
151 XSAlien's Well Spent Money - Kyle 'XSAlien' Martinson

I need to get a job...I can't offered this. Which is unfortunate because I'm still buying :3 Also, Lemon Tart and Orchid Dew are best ponies :D
152 A Little of Everything Except G3.5 - Robert

My entire MLP collection. G1, G3, G4, a couple of G2's, customs, and swag. Top photos: G1 (the plushie and 8 G1's in the bottom row on the left are what got me started in MLP, in the 1980's), and G4's (brushable incl. Zecora, McDonalds, and blind bag size). Middle left photo: G3's (front center row behind small ones: G3 Rarity, Fluttershy, Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie) Middle right photo: Posters, display boxes for blind bags, 1st MLP cartoon on VHS, the cards, and a few other things. Bottom photos: Customs (front: G4 customs incl. BB G4 versions of G1 characters, Front left: G3 Monster High characters, middle center and front right: various G1 and 3 customs incl G1 versions of G4's, back 3 rows: G1 and 3 Ace Attorney characters).
153 My Little Obsession - N

Check out all the pics! I have some assorted odds and ends that aren't pictured with the mane collection, which I am rapidly running out of room for! I don't buy things online, so everything I have has been released in the US somewhere, the only exceptions are the artistic pieces. It's a bit hard to see all my blind bag ponies, but they are ALL unique! Three waves plus a few assorted other miniatures! And I JUST started my brushables collection. So I "only" have 17 of them :P Check the gallery for more info and additional pics =3
154 Medley Splash's Pony Collection Extravaganza - Medley Splash/ Agile Flourish

Extravaganza; what a cool word...
155 Dranlu's MLP Collection - Marco Rappuchi

156 my collection of my My Little Pony merchandise - Werewolfsnot

157 MLP Stash Ponypocalipse - Joseph Z-A

This is my MLP FIM collection from over the past year or so. I hope you enjoy! :D
158 The herd, from edible to wearable - Frith

The glitterati have assembled for to dine: On Easter chocolate frozen since spring time. Under the eyes of the Changeling queen The Elements of Harmony are assembling, But instead of six there are eighteen. Who weild the power and who are sembling? They've posed for their picture and that's a wrap, It way past the time I was supposed to go nap.
159 A Bit of Pony - Chris Reynolds

I only wish I could submit multiple pictures or had a decent video camera. I hate leaving out the stuff all over my car.
160 My Little Collection - Sonya

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