161 The Family that ponies together... - Aeta

We own ALL OF THE PLAYFUL PONIES, with the exception of the 2 that were only available in "bonus packs" in Europe. The Apple Jack cowboy hat on top of the castle is hand embroidered. My children made the two plaster impressions featured at the bottom of the image. the farthest left Pink-lestia was hand painted by myself into a proper White-Lestia here http://zelgadisgwds.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4d0wir
162 Ponies! - Kevin Huscroft

I did not realize I had acquired this many ponies.
163 My Little Pony Collection...STARRING MII! - Paul Davidson (Photon)

I'm sorry about the bad quality and small thumbnail. I took this with my 3DS. I have a tone more stuff, like a blanket, a few shirts, more posters, another badge, accessories and etc... I wanted get as much stuff as I could in without having to put it into two different pics and posting them as the same document on here. (Because that would be CHEATING) . Anyways, that's my MII. He's proud to be a brony. *Sorry to get, but I'm in a hurry*
164 Too much for any other room in the house. - Rebecca Starborne

Please for the love of Derpy~! Or maybe just for the 4ft tall Vinyl Scratch. Anywho, I love you guys! and best of luck to all the other competitors. May the best pet... err... pony win!!
165 My collection - Jacob Darcey

There are actually four pictures that include my collection, each of which can be found at the Page URL in the description. However, the vast majority is in the main picture (except my custom stuff).
166 My Little Obsession - Matt Salzman

167 A Pegasister's Collection - Rosa Foreman

This has been a collection building and building >.> Everything from blind bags, to brushies even deluxe and fashion ponies. Though my crown jewels is the SDCC Derpy as well as my Nightmare Moon! I had last counted 140+ ponies. And in this pictures this doesn't even include posters, shirts and other merchandise, i just felt it may have been a weeee bit much xD. Im not the best at photos but there ya go! My large pony collection.. BTW: Fluttershy and Derpy Hooves is best pony!
168 Equestria in Zachamanastan - Zach Greenhill

While I don't have a very large collection I take pride in what I do have. P.S. Zachamanastan is the country I made up.
169 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic pony collection - xX2WolfFeather1Xx

I know it's not that much, but I'm proud of it none the less. ^^
170 MasteroftheContinuum's Noble Amassment of Ponies - Christopher Eltman

Additional pictures for entry are in the description, also in my gallery folders; separated by posters, cards, shirts, and general items
171 Pony Collection - BND

Much more than this is found in the album link; be sure to check it out!
172 A Simple Tucson Pony Collection - Jordan Jacobs (Caramel Swirl)

Collection includes -40 Blind bag Ponies -Rarity Stained Glass Piece ([link]) -2 Limited edition hasbro posters -COMPLETE My Little Pony Trading Card Set. (Excluding limited edition enter play promos) -1 Brushable Trixie -1 Brushable Pinkie Pie -1 Set of Blind Bag Ponies -1 McDonalds Applejack -Trading Card Pakage Box, and other packaging. (Not in the Picture 3 MLP We love Fine Tees, 1 DVD, and 1 Wonderbolts we love fine jacket) I also have close up shots of the Collection in my DA gallery.
173 My Family :3 - Kitty

Love and Tolerate the G3's! :D
174 One Of The World's Largest Pony Collections - Cayci

If you would like more detail/video of stuff in the room it can be provided.
175 - Christian Distasio

176 Hazmat and Decon - Scot A. Y.

177 My Little Pony: Collecting Is Magic - Krystyna Voris

I have been collecting for a few months, I still feel this is more of a G4 collection with a huge amount of G3's to go with it (I tried putting G3's in the background). Rarest items are in the center.
178 Pony Pony Pony - Auryn, Innate, and Rosa

Usually our mantle is full of Pokémon, ponies, Avengers and Sonic toys, but we cleared out everything else to make room for the pony invasion!
179 Kalie's Pony Collection - Kalie

I have amassed my collection through trades, gifts, commissions, and conventions. :) I hope you like it. :D
180 Pony collection - Justin Blum

There are more pictures on the face book album if you want to see them.
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