301 "I wanna be like you" - Inurantchan

302 Inventive Earth Ponies have no limits. - Seth Graham

303 Slingshot Earth Pony - Anthony

304 Becoming a Wonderbolt - Leafgrowth

Something seems off about Rainbow Dash today but I can't place my finger on it.
305 ATG Episode Edition: However did they get in? - Poppun

I finally found the tutorial! Either way I hope I did correctly, I wasn't sure if you wanted my actual name or my username, I pressumed you meant my username
306 Rough Landing - Viktor Drougzire

This is my first submission ever! I hope you like it EQD staff. I apologize for the quality of the entry but I'm kind of a noob when it comes to drawing, still I really put a lot of effort on it, and I really liked how it came in the end. I'm looking foward to put some color on it. The clumsy character's name is Stormy Weather, and he is having some problems with landing after a spin in the Dizzytron!
307 First-time Glider - James Virola

308 - Austin Broadwater

309 Day 1:Tier 3-To New Heights~ - Cloud Drifter ft. His little cousin~

I'm back as the proud alumni member still with a crappy camera! Sadly, these past two days caught me off guard, and I still have some class-related things to do, so I did this in the confinements of my planner! Also, I'm limited to so little color pencils! >< Still, my little cousin wanted to color it. Cute. -Cloud Drifter
310 However did they get in? - Poppun

311 Graduation - Zoarvek

Rainbow Dash graduates from the Academy, and gets to fly with the Wonderbolts for the first time!
312 Artist Training Grounds-Day One: Aww craap... - Quilland Scroll

313 I'll jog your memory, Dashie! - ABronyAccount

It'd be a bit of a stretch to call this flying!
314 ATG - 'Wonderbolts Academy' Cloud Chaser - BronyFang

315 The Proper Launcher - DJ PIrtu

Starting just 12 hours before deadline, this was a rather rushed job. The moment I read of the suggestion to get non-pegasus ponies flying, I tought that the only proper way to get them to the air is by a comicly giant sling shot. This is what the nameless OC unicorn is using to test his/her magical gliding wings. Acrylics on a 12 x 18 cm canvas board. A speed painting video also available, linked at the DA page, once it's rendered and uploaded.
316 Tryin' Flyin' - Johanson

Here's to a great time at ATG.
317 Night Training - Artie

The concept is a night time drill or exercise. She has a little flasher on her back so the instructors and other ponies can see her.
318 Artist Training Ground - Wonderbolt Academy - Valkyrie-Girl

Time for some more Successors madness!
319 Girly wings - ClockworkDetective

320 I've got this! - Eric Kuhta

So I procrastinated a bit too much and didn't finish in time. Definitely going to start sooner next week. Still, the sketch is there, and the cleaning up wasn't teaching me much, so I'm going to call this a success.
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