1 Rainbow Dash Cake - Christopher Nichols

Made for Samantha's birthday party, December 2012
2 Happy Derp-Day - Christopher Nichols

Made for daughter Piper's 4th birthday, July 2012
3 Flitterhsy Birthday Cake - Annabell

Ms sister made this cake for my birthday. Of yourse, the Fluttershy on top is NOT edible.
4 Twilight Sparkle pre-princess - Megan Bhagwandeen

I made this cake while i was working at a bakery. I jumped at the chance to make her because she's my favorite pony!
5 Pinkie Pie Smile - Megan Bhagwandeen

I made this cake for my sister's 30th birthday. it's chocolate cake with cherry filling and buttercream icing.
6 Dark Side of the Rainbow - David Nadler

I'm not much of an artist, but I made this at Charm City Cakes as part of the brony cake decorating class held during Bronycon 2013. The inspiration is the blending of my favorite album with my favorite pony. The outside of the cake is banded with six sections that each contain all six colors of Rainbow Dash's mane, each shifted by one color from the pattern adjacent. The important thing was that we all had a lot of fun with the cakes and I learned a great deal about cake decorating in the process.
7 Flutter Cake - Telly Vision

8 Twilight Tentacle - Lewis Leroy Ives

Twilight Sparkle loves her fancy octopus pal, lord Nemo!
9 Pony cake for birthday - David Williams

Pony birthday cake. Sheet cake with ponies that are sculpted out of gum paste.
10 Rarity Marshmallow flavored cake - Brad Harder

This cake was baked for a friend of mine. In the spirit of Rarity I made it taste like marshmallows
11 Pinkie Pie Gala sculpt cake - Heather Sawyer

Made entirely homemade, and hand drawn in icing on cake.
12 8 inch rainbow dash cake - Heather Sawyer

8 inch cake size airbrush and icing with figure
13 Pinkie Pie with a standard Cupcake type B. - Nathan Webb, Shelley Jones, and Megan Doman

14 MLP Birthday Cake - Pinstripe Cupcake

This was baked for our shared birthday! The bottom layer was chocolate with peanut butter filling with Reese's peanut butter cups broken into it. The second and third layer was a vanilla cake with fruit filling, and the top was made out of pina colada rice crispies. All of it was decorated with coloured hand-made buttercream icing, and all but the pony & pet figurines was done by hand. The cake itself was made a few days prior; the decorating was done the day of, in about 6 hours. The party it was served at was entirely My Little Pony themed, complete with decorations! It was very delicious and oh-so-rich!
15 Nightmare Moon cake - MonGoose

She took me about an hour just to outline and another 30 minutes to color in. She's so far the biggest transfer I made yet and almost fills up a 1/4 of a sheet cake. She's on chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and chocolate pudding on the inside. She's one of my favorites and hopefully everyone will love her.
16 Pinkie cake - MonGoose

She's made out of butter cream frosting and took me over an hour to make her. The cake was strawberry with chocolate pudding and fresh strawberries and more fresh strawberries on top with chocolate frosting.
17 Fluttercake - Robert Maynard

18 Twilight's a Cake Head - Robert Maynard

19 The Elements of Cake - Katie Lucas

This is my entry to the "Pony Baking Contest" on Equestria Daily. With the cake, I tried to use each pony's cupcake to display their unique personality and talents. That custom Twilight in the middle is made of marzipan. That's right, you can now eat Twily. I would like to thank my mother for help mixing the frosting and Studio B for proving this fandom with such a great show. Please take a look at my gallery for more photos and information, plus closeups the custom Twilight!
20 Pony Picnic Cake - Moglaust

This pony background cake was crafted by my mother-in-Law, my wife and myself for our daughter's 2nd birthday party.
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