21 Elements of Harmony Rainbow Cake - Bethany Ward

22 Punk Pony Pastry - JetN

What is more entertaining than looking at pony cakes? Looking at you looking at pony cakes. Think about it.
23 Rarity cutie mark cake - Richard Mancuso

This is my very first cake i ever made. It is kinda sloppy but i tried my best.
24 My Little Bookworm: Reading is a Piece of Cake! - Sonorous Gravity

This 12" long, 7" tall Twilight Sparkle is made of Yellow Cake, vanilla frosting, and marshmallow fondant. Her head, ears, and horn are made of sculpting foam for structure and to reduce weight, but her body and legs are all cake & frosting! The fondant was handmade and dyed. The whole project took about 8-9 hours over two days from cake bake to finishing touches.
25 Sugar Cube Corner - Caramel Swirl

Well, this here is a completely edible Sugar Cube Corner made of gingerbread. The decorations are made of turkish delight, Musk sticks, Toffee, royal icing and chocolate. The entire thing is edible except for the base, which is made of wood~! XD Well, enjoy~!
26 My Little Pony Rainbow Cake - Shaunna MacQuarrie

For my daughter's 4th birthday she requested a "Rainbow Dash"-themed birthday party. I thought a fun way to incorporate that into a cake would be to make it as rainbow as possible. I dyed the cake batter different rainbow colours and layered and swirled them together in each bowl and put the cake together as if it were a sky with clouds and a jelly bean rainbow. I added the Rainbow Dash pony as well as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to finish it off. The cake was a double recipe of vanilla cake dyed with food coloring and was able to feed around 50 people when all was said and done. I had one happy little birthday girl on my hands!

Time to party!
28 Poison Joke Rarity Cupcakes - Kelsey Carlson

Made Rarity out of several mini cupcakes, frosted on top and outlined.
29 Pinke pie cake - Nathan Bice

30 We Tried - Joseph Shlayen

Well, I decided to try baking for the first time, so I called some friends, we organized at one of their houses, and... we tried. The caption comes from a friend on Skype who I showed the original picture to. I considered uploading that one instead, but this cake is already not going to win due to quality, so I figured might as well have some fun with it. On a side note, it looks horrible, but it is THE BEST CAKE WE HAVE EVER HAD. We ended up eating half of it right there, and having to save the rest for later. Either way, enjoy!

Pure coincidence I was baking cakes for the Equestria Girls themes! My husband suggested I enter, I'm sure there's better out there, did this for fun. Am in debt over the dolls, got a credit card just to obtain them, then baking supplies... Thanks for the opportunity, can't wait to see what pony fans come up with! ABOUT THE CAKE: Pinkie Pie, in "human" persona, in her grand galloping gala gown! She took roughly 7 hours to ice, I was going crazy trying to smooth the dress. This is a 4-layer strawberry cake. Some strawberry icing was used as well, total took almost 5 tubs of icing. TOOK 6 EGGS! This is my first doll cake! First LAYERED homemade cake! First round cake iced! Thanks for your time!
32 My Little Bakery: Praise the Sun Edition - Elizabeth Puckett (EquinePalette)

A short description: This cake is entirely edible, including Celestia herself! It is white cake with a Boston Cream Pie soak between the layers. It is covered in marshmallow fondant. Celestia is made of rice krispies treats, and marshmallow fondant. This was a three day project! I want to thank my loving other half for his help during the prep and baking phase, and I most of all want to thank my brilliant sister for all the help she gave me during the decorating phase! I couldn't have done this one without her.
33 Pinkie Pie Gala cake - Jess

I made this for a friend's daughter... she loved it!
34 Foal Applejack Cake with Apple Pie and Apple Cider - Fullmetal Pony

Definitely gave me an idea of how hard it is to make the really good looking stuff.
35 Big Macinchoc 2 - Alec Dever

My address: 16 Giselle Avenue Wyoming, New South Wales Australia 2250
36 Twilight Sparkle Cake/Bread - Jamie Tipton

This is a modified version of the Birthday Bread horse from the Joy of Cooking. Instead of cinnamon bread, I used regular honey wheat (it is denser and holds together better than cinnamon) for the body, and honey wheat rolls for the head. I than covered it in buttercream icing for the crumb layer, and put a layer of rolled fondant that I dyed lavender over that. Then after about three million years of dying some marzipan dark purple, I rolled that flat and used it for her hair. It can stand on it's own in theory, but after about three seconds the head would fall off because it was so heavy with icing, so we took the picture with it leaned against the table, and had a woodgrain wrapping paper covering a box for the background. The shelf behind her was a weird piece of wood, the book she was reading was a small bible, the reading stand was a candle holder, and there is marzipan around the book to represent magic.
37 You're . . . GOING TO LOVE ME! Aug 2013 - Missy

Equestria Girls Doll, used for a Doll Cake. Fluttershy in the Grand Galloping Galla gown. The cake AND icing is Key Lime. Took about an hour to ice. Roughly 2+ maybe 3 tubs of icing. Took 6 eggs! **The wings that came with the jointed Fluttershy were purple and more like a butterfly. The wings pictured came with the Rainbow Dash. I actually used icing on the doll, figured I wash & brush them anyway, was safe enough with so many flowers!
38 Both sides of the Rainbow Factory - Gary Flickinger

ok I ended up merging the images into 1 larger file. http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFLight1.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFLight2.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFDark1.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFDark2.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFDark3.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFDark4.jpg http://www.blackdogent.com/Cake/CakeRBFredvelvet.jpg the last image proves it is cake.
39 MMMystery friendship cake - John Stemberger

Inspired from the My Little Pony MMMystery on the friendship express episode. It stands approximately 18 inches tall and is made entirely from scratch. Each tier is a classic sponge cake decorated with hand make butter cream. The donuts are mini donuts made with a simple donut recipe and a donut waffle iron. The eclair pastry is also entirely made from scratch from a french choux pastry dough and ginger infused creme patissiere. They are also mini only being about 21.5 inch in length (I had to cut them in half to fit on the cake). The mouse head on the top is actually sclupted tin foil coated in chocolate. This is the first time I have ever decorated a cake.
40 Muffintopia - Jordyn McComber

A special muffin island paradise for Derpy!
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