41 Taste the Rainbow! - Kar Red Roses

I used a Wilton pony cake pan and rainbow funfetti cake mix. All the frosting was done freehand using spatulas and paintbrushes. This cake was created for the Bronies NYC Meetup group.
42 Elements of Harmony Cake - SStwins11

I spent 11 hours making this cake!! It's actually the first cake I've ever tried to decorate! I really liked how it tuned out, and it was a lot of fun to make! I hope I at least get an A for effort! ;D
43 Mini MMMM - Amy Gash

A vanilla sponge with two fillings: a lemon marscapone and a marshmallow meringue. The whole cake is covered in a thin layer of marzipan and decorated with sugar paste decorations. The cake comes complete with three very hungry cake ponies intent on taking bites out of it before the picture gets to the competition. There's no mystery over who's eaten this treat.
44 DJ Pon-3 Birthday Cake - Jessica Conner

Made for my brother's 18th birthday this past Saturday. Saw the contest and thought, hey, why not? I'm looking forward to seeing the contest winners and drooling over their pony goodness. :)
45 Lyra Relaxing at the park. - Rosalie Swiatek

Had a lot of fun making this cake with my family, hope you enjoy. :)
46 Rarity Cake - Heather Ferris

47 Rarity Cake with Ponies - Heather Ferris

48 United Equestria Cake - Samantha VB

So, this is my cake., I want it noted that this is the first cake I have ever decorated and It is a lot harder than drawing with a pencil!
49 MLP Muffin Stack front - Monica Merino

Back view of the muffins.
50 Princess Celestia - Lucy Stanford

I did a princess Celestia cake because when hearing "pony cake" it was literally the first thing that came into my head, so how could I resist? It is a chocolate cake made from scratch, with buttercream and marshmallow fondant which I made myself. I submitted a smaller version of the cake, whilst the link to the deviation I have done with that larger version so I am able to show it from more angles. I did this entire cake whilst in Sniper from tf2 cosplay because, what can I say? Bakin's a good job, mate.
51 Sapphire Shores Cake - Erin Nakamura

52 Cake for all - Samantha Rubner

So this is my cake not cut showing the original outside without the colorful inside.
53 Pinkie Pie's Surprise Party - Andy Vezina

Made with homemade marshmallow fondant, buttercream frosting, strawberry cake mix, pretzels, and sprinkles.
54 MLP Cake - David Meza

55 Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness! - R. A. Ferrara

Yes, I actually requested a marzipan mascarpone meringue for my birthday. The little fruits on the cake are made of marzipan, the white cookies are meringue, and the frosting and inner layers were made of mascarpone. The actual cake is pink and strawberry-flavored. My mother said it was not cheap to made, but the end result was pretty darn good!
56 Princesses of Harmony - Emma Gordon

57 Share-With-Friends-Sized Pinkie Pie Cupcake - Chris Cooke

It looks like a cupcake, but this red velvet cake fed an 11-brony/pegasister crew assembled to watch Equestria Girls following the recent release to home video. Credit for the cake properly belongs to my wife, who asked me to submit it to the contest on behalf of the family.
58 Apple Jack - Apple Pie - Katerina Celovsky

59 My little cake: Marzipan ponies is magic - Stine

It's a cake with marzipan ponies. It was Intended to be a carusel cake, but since I have no experience with decorating cakes and stuff, obviously that didn't happen. At least you get to see some crappy and decent marzipan ponies. :P Yeah, I'm not satified with this, but it was okay for my first try to be a confectioner, right? I'm very surprised that I haven't seen any marzipan ponies yet.. Well let's hope I'm the only one who did that in this contest then. :3
60 Mirror Pool Cake - Brandon Welsh

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