61 Rainbow Cupcakes - Carl H

special home made rainbow cupcakes for my brony friends at work /)(^3^)(\
62 Mlp Sugar cookies - Carl H

everybody at work really liked the homemade cookies, but only my 3 brony friends appreciated them more than anybody else /)(^3^)(\
63 Cake! - Valeria

64 Trixie Pixel Art Cake - Alyssa Kaufman

This cake was made using vanilla cake mix for the cake, and Cool Whip was used for the white background. Skittles were for the body, mane, and part of the eye. M and M's were used for the horn, the mouth, and the smile. York bites were used for the white of the eye, and purple Nerds were used for the color of the eye. I added Trix cereal for the moons at the bottom.
65 Stained Glass Discord Cake - Katie

Home made cake batter and frosting
66 Derpy's Dream - Maddie Ernst

This is a modest white cake shaped like a cloud with sweet buttercream icing and white fondant. Sleeping Derpy is a reusable, hand-made cake topper made specifically for this, and she really is an adorable filly! I spent a very long time making sure that this cake was perfect, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
67 The Wonderbolts take Flight - kiera feldman

This Strawberry Cupcake topped with a cherry and wonderbolt figures are sure to win :)
68 A Pinkie Pie - Justin Hassler

This is a completely homemade pie. It has a shortbread crust, a strawberry and cream filling, and a home-whipped cream top with shortbread cookies in the shape of Pinkie Pie's cutie mark.
69 Rainbow Dash Sweetbread - Alex Forman

This was completed with the assistance of my brother, Michael Forman, it would never have been possible without him. What you see here is a loaf of bread sculpted (by hand) into Rainbow Dash, it is multicolored both on the outside AND inside. Details are made from royal icing and colored with a special homemade paint. The whole thing is edible!
70 4th Wall Breaking Pinkie Cake - Vulpes Ventorum

What I get for drawing Pinkie on carrot cake I suppose.... or cake in general for that matter
71 rarity's marshmallow throne - Max Pupillo

this is my first cake ever! hope you like it
72 rarity's marshmallow throne - Max Pupillo

73 My Little Pony Cake: Sugarcube Corner - Pinkeidragon

For my little sisters birthday we decided to make her a My Little Pony cake since it was just in time for the baking contest. Since i had just gotten the Cake family set we made Sugarcube Corner. A little lop-sided but it turned out ok.
74 Pinkie Pie, Frosting Her Own Cake - Patty Ruhnke

The first idea I got when thinking what to do was making Pinkie Pie frosting her own cake in typical Pinkie Pie-breaking-the-fourth-wall style, so that's just what I made. :D
75 - Vanessa

I made two sets of cupcakes. One for Fluttershy, which was lemon, decorated with a butterfly, and one for Pinkie Pie, which was strawberry flavored, and decorated with a single balloon. Both had chocolate chips, pink frosting, and sprinkles.
76 - Kira Saulsberry

77 Hooray For Applewood - Apple Bloom's Dream - Melissa Curl

Figuring we already had a cake featured on a Nightly Round-Up and wanted to do something different, my daughter and I opted to delve into the world of Pony Pies and showcase the Apple Family by way of Apple Bloom falling asleep and dreaming of the wondrous world of Applewood, where Cutie Marked Pies grow on trees, the Hills are alive with the smells of muffins, and Rarity trots off to shop on Rodeo Dr.
78 Vinyl Scratch cake - Zacharriah McBride

I wub this cake!
79 DJ Pon3 Cake - Natsu

Everything here was completely made by me, and the ponies' hair was also styled by me. :)
80 - dr-spangle

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