81 Pinkie Pie's Japanese Party Cake - Ava

Made by my niece who also wanted to enter. :)
82 Mane 6 cupcakes!! - Jody Huffman

Cupcakes of the mane 6, made entirely with standard buttercreme type icing.
83 DJ PON3/ Vinyl Scratch record cookie - Jody Huffman

12" pizza cookie (chocolate chip) featuring Vinyl Scratch!!
84 Happy Birthday Pinkie Pie - Patricia Rivera

A replica of the cake from "Party of One"
85 Mane Six Cakes - Applebuckshot

Just some simple mane six cakes made with my incredibly minuscule knowledge of baking (which may account for some of the sloppiness).
86 King Sombra Attacks The Crystal Empire - Rebecca Rayner

This cake was so painful to make. I have never used fondant before, so I am very happy with it for a first attempt. Relieved that this is over, but still excited at the prospect of winning something signed by Daniel Ingram! *fangirls* I can't wait to see the other entries =) May the games begin... and may the best cake win!!! Also may I not poison anybody... o.O
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