1 There shall be light! - Darkon Shadows

The flashlight is a most powerful tool.
2 Learning the other family business - Slizergiy

3 still no cutie mark - you'll never guess who i am

I've been inspired.
4 Suncloak - Hand-tool-thing - Sharnier

I was thinking of tools, and thought, hey, remember that one changeling fic that I read and am eagerly waiting for the sequel to? Maybe there's a changeling who changed his hoof into a tool in some chapter of that story.
5 Likely painting herself. - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: Who's lazy, she's learned to use the paint tool perfectly fine on her own.
6 Scootablob and Tornado Flash 'Fix' Amethyst Dawn's Birdhouse - Rebecca

7 Self-Brushies - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Brushies: a pony's best friend.
8 Cheesy Grating - Cie Cheesemeister

I'm a 48 year old woman who became interested in My Little Pony because of my son, who is 23 years old, a pre-med student, and a Brony. I've always been really paranoid about the quality of my drawing (as in it sucks.) It's a real challenge for me to do freehand drawing because I always hate what I see. I decided to take the challenge and attempt to freehand draw ponies for the Newbie submissions. I hope people will be kind!
9 DJ Space - Lord_Bovine

Turns out Unitologists don't like wubs.
10 Lyra Free Hugs - Christopher Garcia

11 REPAIRMARE INTO BATTLE (Handy Pony..... I think) - AniRichie

Pretty sure I missed the meaning of this one, but hey REPAIRMARE returns. :D
12 handy-mare - jach marsdonpone

day 4 "draw a pony with a tool/a handy pony" handy pony you say... puns incoming
13 Lyra's Machine - Rad-man

The reference posted today was a lot to take in! Can't wait to really chip away at it!
14 Handy - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

My first animation in a long while.
15 Setup - Wryte

16 The Whack a Nail Into The Wall Thingy! - Blue Wolf

Artist Training Ground Day 4: Pony Using A Tool. In hindsight, I could have drawn her having Blueblood buy her new boots and still kept THAT theme. Har har har. Anyway it's sketch card size, I used copic markers and colored pencils. I may do a second one if I have time. I kept up this weekend, but I'm back to work today 10 hours a day so I may falter the rest of the week, we'll see. Anyone who can tell me where the title comes from gets 10,000 internet points.
17 Craftin' - TropicalWings

Derpy and her little Diamond Pickaxe
18 Uncomfortable? - savethechristmastreefoundation

Lyra, the handiest pony of them all
19 Brushies - Quint the Wanderer

This is what I call my "spaghetti style". Minuette brushing her mane with a hairbrush and looking at her new sonic toothbrush (which, for some reason, I imagine would sound like a dentist's drill).
20 Lyra Being 'Handy' - David Wevill

I think there are far too many Lyra loves humans jokes T_T
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