181 Glyph Reader Discovers glyph - Minepow2

With today's piece, I was originally going to have Glyph Reader be extremely excited over a glove; playing off of the theme a bit. However, I didn't feel like drawing the glove, so I just drew a strange stone floating in his magic, which was quite new for me. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Drawn entirely using Photoshop CS6 with the Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet.
182 Parasprite Homes and Restoration, Inc. - Chris Cooke

For some reason ponies always drive the parasprites away before they find out how quickly a swarm can rebuild the town. Go figure.
183 hand(y) pony - antpie94

Obviously this is just a perfect picture of Bonbon drawn by her good friend lyrand :3 (get it, it's Lyra and hand mixed together... Yeah I can't make jokes...)
184 - 2048terrabit

185 It's A Screwdriver! NATG Day 4 Submision - pancake_soup

It is a tool after all.
186 Best Pony works a spell - Dizzy Lights

Here you can see Zecora using her magic-thinga-ma-bob to do….Well, I’m not sure what, but it looks important!
187 Celestial Blade - Michael Dowd

Waaaay better than the version i drew last year
188 fluffle puff with a mallet on her head - hip-indeed

189 Not a Lyra entry, just a lame OC - Mauricio "Suax"

Thanks for the tutorials! They helped me a lot! BTW post in the front page more "Artist in training" material!
190 DAEMON tools - ScohuiLPTB

DAEMON tools is a tool, after all. And it did help me get Fallout 3 and Skyrim. At first I was going with a STAPH, HAMMERTIME kind of thing but that was helluva a lot easier to draw.
191 Equestria Daily NATG Day 4 - Kalee

192 Run. - Shy Assassin

193 A Lyrizotl with a milkshake and a diamond pickaxe - CheezSnax

194 The Color of Passion - Karolyn Moses

I totally missed the last two days of the challenge, but I'll draw them to catch up. This is sorta a revision of my OC pony. With so many color options/variations, I'ts hard to stick with one color scheme! I do like this one better than the last one I did.
195 Day 4 - Diego Havoc

C-C-Cutie M-M-Mark Cr-Cr-Crusaders B-B-Builders YaAaAaAaAaAaAaY~~
196 Handy Manny Ponified - NoMusic33

Well someone had to do it. This is literally the first thing that popped into my head upon reading this prompt. Manny uses tools and Handy is like his nick name, so I thought why the hell not! I also wanted an excuse to draw him not wearing his hat (he took it off like once in the actual show apparently).
197 Scootaloo got a mechanics cutie mark? - CMC_Scootaloo

Scootaloo with her wrong cutie mark from "One Bad Apple". I drawed this without coloring it and probably also the next ones, because I still don't have good colored pencils and can't buy some this month anymore.
198 Clockwork Lyra - Random Dash

199 When all you have is a hammer - Shiki-pon

200 Rock, Paper, Wha- - Ye Ting Wang

Hey, a hand is quite handy for rock, paper, scissor!
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