301 Tool Time - TopGull

With the exception of unicorn magic, hand tools are really awkward for ponies to use. So I invented a screwdriver for Applejack!
302 Celestia's tools - crazypon3

303 EQD NATG III: Day 4: Mine Games - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 4: Draw a pony using a tool/Draw a handy pony! The theme for today did give me an idea involving Rarity, mining, and dragons. That's a project for another day, though. Have something cute!
304 Oddities of a Professor - boyindahaus

"Useless? What do you mean useless? This abacus helped me pass my quizzes when I was a kid, don’t ever let me catch you saying it’s useless ever again! Sure it may be a bit old and technologically inferior but it still does the job! you kids are too lazy to even appreciate this tool, don’t you know this is the first computer in the history of ponykind? for us to have evolved into your computers, this should be a reminder for us ponies that we shouldn’t forget the basics. It is the progenitor of everything we know and will know until the end of Luna’s regime!" dA was having some trouble, so I just used my tumblr account.
305 "Sonic" Screwdriver. Not a penlight. - Kai the Brony

Well, it's supposed to be a sonic screwdriver anyway! Featuring http://dwarcthedoctor.tumblr.com/
306 Applebloom - DhampirSyrine

307 Operator Error - Azure Dusk / Senakysam

Jackhammers are tools too, right?
308 NATG III Day 4 - Medical Tools - Jezendar

309 Scoota Tool - Arcus

310 - Dythe

Mortis has the tools for the category.
311 Hanging out the little sister to dry - Otteroflore

Chocolate Dream, that's not how you handle babies!
312 Artist Training Grounds #4 - Tofuudog

313 Final Adjustments - Cyberglass

314 Ambrosia - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

315 Lyra, Handy Assassin - DoomSp0rk

So when you guys said "Draw a handy pony" I took it slightly literally, although I suppose that a katana is a tool used for slaying. IDK. Anyway, I don't consider this a finished work, as it is lacking a background and several layers of spit/polish. Hooray for submitting it anyway. Can't wait for tomorrow's prompt!
316 Diamonds! - WerdKcub

317 Tools of the Trade - Roman

Trucks are invaluable tools.
318 Hacksaw Pinkamena - Jakant

319 Overthinking it. - JP Swartzlander

First try that actually got submitted! Sorry about the terrible quality. Couldnt find my scanner cable and had to use my stupid phone camera. :p Find me on Tumblr at pjrandall.tumblr.com or on dA at pjrandallchevik.deviantart.com where I'll hopefully scan this in tomorrow.
320 "Play Engie", they said. "Have lots of fun", they said. - Epi

Scanner had a fit, so I took it with another camera. Hopefully that does not ruin it too much. (And she'd probably have more fun playing Scout. Playing Engineer is a thankless job. )
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