361 A problem you say? - CopyPony

Clogged sink? No problem! Toothache? Piece of cake! Late for the Artistic Training Grounds? Got you covered! Why choose just a tool when you can choose THE tool instead?
362 Don't Try At Home! - Wheatley A.

He's wrench swinging. Maybe to find his cutie mark!
363 Magic hands! - FrostyEchidna

She wanted hands, she has them!Creepy...
364 Procrastination! - Tinskin

Had I not sworn to myself to upload at least one thing a day this year and stick to the ATG the entire month I would not have submitted this one. I ain't happy with it, not one bit. No more last minute drawings.
365 Luna loosens up - Eric Johnston

366 Bigrock Makes Some Bombs - NinjaShade

Bigrock, working with some bombs he's making... probably of the smoke variety. Think I might skip tomorrow's theme... or at least make it a quick one.
367 Big Mac questions his reality - WolfyOmega

368 Pinkie Painting - RHKirby

Tools can be more than stuff from the hardware store, though in this case you might find paint brushes like these in the hardware store. Oh well, Pinkie is always willing to help out others, including stuff like painting.
369 Omnitool - Mint Julep

370 - Aristotle

i was tired while drawing this...
371 Not So Punny After All - INSYG

I tried to draw larger than the last two. Also, that tool bag is a handy excuse to avoid drawing a cutie mark. Ha. Ha ha... Maybe we should have a Newbie Comedian Training Grounds.
372 Miner Sweetie 1 - MalWinters

373 Pinkie Painting - Rosa

I attempted to draw on my tablet again tonight and just got so angry with the program that I nearly gave up and skipped today's challenge. But then I decided that I needed to stick with this thing the whole way through. so here's a 30 min sketch with no references. Her face is a bit off...but more practice is good!
374 Quick Fix can fix it! - tehflah

Only Craftspony tools will do!
375 Farmer - Kuyon

Quick one. Couldn't think of much and I am tried from work so...yeah...
376 I Don't Want Your Help! - James Dijit

Lasso tools count I think.
377 Battle on the Airship - jberg18

378 Can we Fix it? Yes Fixit Can! - Invidlord

This is Fixit, http://errick.deviantart.com/ 's OC.
379 Rainbow coloured cupcake frosting - jb

For celestia sake rarity! I may have a rainbow coloured mane, but I don't literally poop rainbows!
380 - ForwardBias

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